Published On: Mon, Jul 21st, 2014

Mexican Metro driver caught playing Farmville while operating a train

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On Monday July 15th, 2014, a shocked commuter on Mexico’s STC Metro line decided to film the moment he and other friends caught their train operator playing the popular Farmville game on his iPad – while he was driving.

In the video, the commuter can be heard describing the driver playing Farmville, tutting as they film through the glass door to his cabin.

The video was publicised by the Mexican media who accused the driver of endangering the lives of his passengers, calling for him to be fired.

Since then, STC Metro have launched an investigation and removed the driver, issuing a statement condemning his behaviour in a role that carries “high responsibility”.

At some point durint the video, it seems like the metro driver realizes that the commuter is taping him playing FarmVille on his tablet computer while at the controls of a train, and simply do not care; he just keeps playing and operating the train at the same time.

Passenger Carlo Segura Linares took the video using his mobile phone after getting on to the train. The video, which has now been posted online, shows the man playing the game during a whole route between the stations of Cuatro Caminos and Tasqueña in the Mexican capital.

Video courtesy of AMVCOP


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