Published On: Thu, Jul 3rd, 2014

Liquor Store Robbery in Downtown Merida

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At around 9:00 pm on Monday June 30th, three armed men robbed the Casa Maya Liquor Store located on Calle 69 (x 28), Centro, stealing 60 thousand pesos (approximately 4,800 US dollars) from the cash register, the store’s takings for the entire weekend.
The robbers threatened Mrs. Cristel Manzanero, the store manager, and two other female employees, and forced them at gun point to hand over the cash. The suspects then tied the employees up with ropes and fled the scene.
The victims were able to free themselves and immediately called the police.   
The Attorney General’s Office and the Ministry of Public Security mounted a search operation around the perimeter but were unable to find the suspects.
Casa Maya Liquor Store

Casa Maya Liquor Store

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