Published On: Mon, Jul 28th, 2014

International Real Estate Investment Forum 2014. November 9-11, Cancun

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In a handful of noteworthy places on the planet right now, you could own a world-class property for $150,000 and have it throw off $1,000 a month, right from the start.

These are what I call “exceptional markets.” Places where you’re looking at as much as an 8% yield… more than double the norm.

But you don’t need mounds of cash on hand to get in – often less than $20,000. And these are gains you can pocket with little-to-no effort.

So you could buy a place purely as a profit play. Or you could invest at an excellent price and with attractive terms in a place where – in addition to the prospect of gains – you’d also enjoy spending time or maybe even retiring eventually.

For instance, one of the “exceptional markets” I’m talking about sits on a palm-fringed island where you can snorkel in warm clear waters… discover ancient forts and quaint cathedrals… mountain bike, horseback ride, play a round of golf, or trek through national parks and cool off under the spray of a waterfall. Here you can ditch the business suit and tie, dig out your bathing suit and flip-flops – and set your watch to island time.

This place is easy. Leave home early in the morning and you can enjoy lobster on the beach for lunch. You’ll have no problems becoming a resident if you wanted to, and you don’t need to invest millions to live or retire here. A condo might set you back just $75,000 … and you could earn strong rental income when you’re not using it yourself. Many owners generate rental yields as high as 10%.

With the right deal – and the deals are good today when you know how to find them – you could stake a claim to a blue-ribbon property at well below market pricing.


You Make Your Money When You Buy…
But That’s Just the First Benefit

In other words, you buy smart. And then you sit back while your investment not only increases in value, but actually pays for itself, too. Never mind what the U.S. economy is doing.

And that’s just the start of the upside in these “exceptional markets” overseas.

Because while at home today your investments struggle against the triple drag of low interest rates, rising inflation, and increasing taxes…

In these “exceptional markets” overseas, owning real estate gives you a measure of protection against the whims of stocks and bonds.

You gain diversity outside the dollar, which means you can protect yourself from its devaluation.

Plus you could hold your property in a special retirement-savings structure, banking your gains tax-deferred.

And this wealth-building strategy is an excellent way – perhaps the last simple, viable way – to transparently and legally move and protect some of your wealth offshore.

This is a straightforward, safe, proven means to grow your retirement nest egg – and enjoy it, too.

So you could relax at your place overseas a couple of weeks a year… or even months at a stretch. Essentially, you could kick back, savor a funded vacation… and eventually, this could be your own luxurious retirement retreat if you wanted it to be. Paid for… and paying you.

(I have to ask: When was the last time you sat on the beach at your 401K?)

This can prove to be a downright lucrative strategy. Let me show you what I mean…

This Home Overseas Generated nearly $80,000 in a Year, Net

Take, for example, a gentleman who bought a lot and built a house in Costa Rica, with views out to the Pacific Ocean. It’s close to the great beaches and lush rain forest Costa Rica is known for.

Tourist visits to this region are on the rise, and so he’s able to charge up to $2,500 a week for his place. He rented it for 48 weeks last year and grossed $88,000.

His property-tax bill was less than $500 for the year. Insurance, utilities, cleaning, gardening, and pool maintenance racked up only $500 a month. Monthly fees to the development are a reasonable $30. He’s doing is own rental management.

Taking into account the odd commission payment for referrals, his second home abroad generated almost $80,000 last year—net.

That’s an “exceptional market” payout.

And it’s something you could easily pocket, too. You don’t need big money to get in. And while that gentleman certainly invested some time in managing his investment – funneling renters to his property – you don’t have to.

Plenty of deals in these “exceptional markets” are completely hands-off. You just pocket the checks…

Consider this Gem in Caribbean Belize

You could have put this wealth-building strategy to work recently in an “exceptional market” in Caribbean Belize, for instance.

In a special corner of this English-speaking paradise – a lovely stretch of coast where turquoise waters slosh up on powder-white sands – narrow sidewalks weave around brightly painted stores… flowering bougainvillea and hibiscus tumble over garden walls… and restaurants, cafes, and bars cater to an ever-increasing number of tourists.

There aren’t any big high-rise hotels here – just B&B’s and small inns. So there’s a real market for rentals. One property that sold recently sits about 200 feet from the water – I’m talking about a world-class, palm-fringed shoreline with the clear, aquamarine sea glistening in the sun – it’s right off a postcard.

This place is rented out long-term, generating about $3,000 a month in income. At the full asking price of $299,000 that translates to a 12% gross yield.

Just 100K – A Beach Retreat that Pays for Itself

But, as I’ve said, you can get in on a deal like this – world-class sand and surf – for about one-third that price.

Take, for example, a gorgeous Caribbean island that Europeans know well but Americans are just beginning to discover. In this “exceptional market,” you’ll find 20 miles of walkable public beach, palm trees, warm breezes, and star-lit night skies.

The little community I’m talking about is chic, but unpretentious. And just $106,000 could buy you a fully furnished condo, ready to rent, in a well-maintained gated community.

The beach (with its cafes and restaurants) is just 60 steps away. Figure a conservative 50% occupancy rate at $400 a week, and you’re still looking at a gross rental yield of nearly 10%. And this is, as I mentioned, in one of these “exceptional markets” where property values are on the rise. So in addition to income, owners here are well positioned to pocket appreciation gains as well.

These “Exceptional Markets” Exist All Over the World

Now – to be clear – this strategy doesn’t work everywhere. But it works – and it works well – in these “exceptional markets” around the globe. Markets that meet a few key criteria (which I’ll tell you about in a minute).

The good news is: These “exceptional markets” exist in little pockets all over the world – from the islands of the Caribbean to Spain… and Nicaragua to Thailand… from Ecuador to Belize… and Brazil to Mexico… from Ireland to Costa Rica…

You just have to know where to find them.

And I’d like to show you.

If you like the idea of growing your nest egg in a little corner of Paradise outside the States… a place you might want to visit every so often… a place where progress is afoot and you can reap the benefits of that momentum… then this wealth-building strategy is worth paying attention to.

Because the “exceptional market” payout works whether you’re already retired or looking fifteen or twenty years ahead.

In many markets, you don’t need lots of cash to get in – which means you can leverage your investment. Often with a very modest down payment, you can then build your retirement nest egg month on month – and enjoy it, too – for less than many people spend on a car payment.

Grow Your Nest Egg Outside Stocks, Outside the States,
 Outside the Dollar

In truth, you gain a measure of security and control when you take a portion of your retirement savings offshore in this way.

In the U.S. today, pensions are under attack. The public system is in a shambles. Just take a look at Rhode Island, for instance, which ended cost-of-living adjustments for its pensioners in 2011, effectively leaving current retirees with as little as sixty cents for every dollar they’d been promised.

And we’re likely to see lots of communities follow suit. In Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and beyond… pension obligations – once thought to be untouchable – are on the chopping block.

The private sector is no better. Ninety-four percent of corporate defined-benefit pensions are underfunded. That’s right – 94%. And let’s face it, these days most folks aren’t promised a pension at all.

The cost-of-living adjustments we’ve come to expect in Social Security, Veteran’s Benefits, and other programs are no longer sacrosanct, either. They’re just another bargaining chip today in the great budget debate.

I don’t mean to ring the retirement death-knell here. I’m just being realistic. Because I want to make the point that, ultimately, you’re on your own.

Nobody cares about your portfolio, your future, or your retirement as much as you do. You need to take control.

And this strategy I’m talking about here – this “exceptional market” payout strategy – gives you a smart way to do it, to safely diversify and grow a portion of your nest egg outside of stocks, outside of the States, outside the dollar.

This can work whether you’re looking to retire in three years or three decades. And it’s a strategy that’s effective in “exceptional markets” tucked into little pockets of prosperity all over the world.

In other words: There’s a place – and a deal – that will suit you, whether you’re simply interested in straight-up investment gains abroad alone, or gains that also come with the added perk of being in a place you’d also like to spend time.

The trick, of course, is knowing exactly where the best buys are – in pinpointing those “exceptional markets.”

And that’s where we come in.

My name is Ronan McMahon, and I’m at the helm of Real Estate Trend Alert. You may recognize my name from the pages of International Living, too, where I write frequently about real-estate opportunities abroad. I’d like to invite you to join me at the upcoming…

International Real Estate Investment Forum
 November 9-11, 2014 • Cancun, Mexico

It’s the first time in two years that we’re hosting this event – and we’re doing so just a quick hop south to make it as convenient and cost-effective for you as possible.

As a result, we expect – given the pent-up demand for this program – that seats will fill up very fast.

If you like the idea of quickly and easily grabbing a foothold in a market where yields are strong, where you can get in right now at below-market pricing, and where you can begin to grow and protect your portfolio overseas, there’s no more efficient way to make it happen than to join us in Cancun this November.

Our focus will be on these “exceptional markets”… on where and how to find them, and on the insider ways you can invest in them at below-market prices.

Plus the many experts on hand – joining us from all over the world – will pinpoint specific deals inside these “exceptional markets” that you could get in on immediately. That way you can to begin to grow and protect your nest egg overseas, starting now.

These are insider deals, off-market deals negotiated in these “exceptional markets” especially for attendees. They’re not available to the general public. But when you join us in Cancun, you’ll have private access to them.

This program is geared toward taking action in these “exceptional markets.” I can’t reveal the specifics of the deals you’ll have access to as an attendee, but I can say: They’re in markets that make good sense, even at full price. Yet attendees will have an opportunity to get in for even less.

You’ll Find Out About Good-Value Opportunities Like These…

Join us in Cancun this fall, and you’ll have access to deals like…
• A Caribbean coastal gem – An unusual development near the stunning white-sand beaches and ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum on the Mexican Riviera. With trendy bars and restaurants along the beach, Tulum is jet-set chic. Rental rates and occupancy figures are strong, reflecting the area’s growing popularity with the higher end of the market. To my mind, this is the “buy of the decade.”
And here you could own a “lock and leave” 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo for less than $150,000 and with special financing, rent it out to cover its running costs, and even make a profit.

• High-end convenience a quick bike ride to a gorgeous, off-the-grid beach – It’s refreshing to unplug on occasion – a few days spent not lashed to phone and computer. But sand in the sheets and a flashlight at night gets old pretty fast. In Tulum, there’s a solution in the works, a master-planned community with a new, tidy town center that’ll be open to the public. The condos, a short stroll to the new commercial area and an easy bike ride to the beach, will be set into the jungle and completed with high-end finishings.

There’s nothing like cocktails on the beach at sunset – but it’s nice to be able to shower off at the end of the day and control the temperature in your rooms. These condos will be on offer at pre-release to attendees in the $150,000’s this November…

• Frontier luxury in a Pacific-coast escape – With stunning ocean-view lots starting from the low $100,000s, no build requirement, and two-bedroom villas renting for up to $1,500 a week here, savvy investors are tuning into this Nicaragua opportunity fast.

Upscale and right on the Pacific, the New York Times likes the restaurant at the clubhouse , you can hike in a private nature preserve, take the horses out, or learn to surf. You are guaranteed peace and quiet. For this kind of retreat in California, you’d pay millions. But here it’s yours for pennies on the dollar.

• Where in Europe you can capitalize on distressed-deal bargains – There’s a pocket of opportunity in Spain that’s well worth your attention. In this “exceptional market,” we’re looking at fire sales on the ground, so the specifics of the available deals will depend on what’s on the market as this event approaches.

But to give you a sense for the kind of thing I’m talking about: Recently in southern Spain, €86,900 ($118,000) could buy you a two-bedroom, two-bathroom, 936-square-foot condo, with a 200-square-foot terrace. These condos come with fully fitted kitchens and many have both sea and golf views. This is about 20% below the construction cost alone. And monthly management fees, taxes, waste disposal, etc. run just €1,290 ($1,750) a year.

The rental market is excellent. In peak rental season – about 10 weeks long – rental rates come in at €600 ($810) a week and you’d likely be renting to foreign vacationers. Or you could rent long-term for €550 per month. (Now, as I said, this specific deal has passed – but rest assured, in November, you’ll get the full run-down on the current opportunities in Spain and elsewhere in Europe.)

• Waterfront in Brazil – An unsung spot in northeastern Brazil – 100 miles from the city of Fortaleza – is home to another “exceptional market” worth your attention today. Here, at a lovely spot where the river runs into the ocean, a small marina is going in and condos and lots are on offer. An established weekend retreat for wealthy folks – and increasingly the new middle class – in Fortaleza, this is a place where you can capitalize on newfound local prosperity to pocket gains yourself. In November, you’ll have access to a special deal here that could position you for gains with very little investment up front.

• That’s just a little taste. The experts you’ll hear from in November will focus on specific opportunities in a variety of “exceptional markets” in places like Belize… Brazil… Ecuador… Costa Rica… Colombia… Thailand… Uruguay… and beyond…
Invest Where Something is Driving the Value of Real Estate Higher

We’ll introduce you to plenty of income-producing opportunities in November, but that’s not all we have in store.

Perhaps you’re simply interested in parking some funds offshore, outside the States, outside the dollar to watch them appreciate over time.

It might be in a retirement home or a condo you’ll live in or simply a lot or raw land in a market that’s coming into its own. This can prove an excellent hedge against volatile stock markets and a way to bring some true diversity to your portfolio.

Owning property overseas is one of the very last simple ways to move wealth abroad quietly, safely, and completely legally.

This November at the International Real Estate Investment Forum, we’ll tell you about all kinds of opportunities that may appeal to you – in “exceptional markets” where you can get in at a special price and be well positioned to enjoy appreciation gains in markets where there’s something going on that will drive the value of real estate higher. You’ll hear about…

Where to invest in the “Path of Progress.” Anything that improves the accessibility of a piece of real estate increases its value. Infrastructure like roads, bridges, airports, air and rail routes. Anything that improves amenities in an area – like major resorts, theme parks, and conference centers – will also increase real estate values.

We saw this trend unfold in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, for instance, just south of Cancun. Ten years ago, $10,000 would have bought you a building plot in the unpaved village center. Today – now that a modern highway brings visitors there – a 1,000-square-foot oceanfront condo could set you back $600,000.
• This November, we’ll introduce you to several markets where you can invest in the “path of progress” right now. In one, for instance, tourism is on the rise and the government is spending hundreds of millions to improve accessibility. New roads are in and a new airport is under discussion. This is on the Caribbean, a place geared for high-end tourists – the kind that want yoga on the beach at sunrise and healing massages. The kind that appreciate ancient history, nature and gourmet food. The kind that spend more money when they vacation…

Crisis-investing opportunities offer you another way to capitalize on a special situation to position yourself for gains. Crisis investing means buying when everyone else wants or needs out. At an aggregate level, markets overreact and overshoot both on the up and downside. Assets become mispriced.

Mispriced assets equal profit opportunities, and this fall in Cancun, we’ll show you where to find them and what to do. I’m talking about opportunities that exist because of, not despite, the current economic crisis. Ways you could buy prime, positive-cash-flowing real estate with finance in place for as little as 50 cents on the dollar.
• At the International Real Estate Investment Forum, you’ll get the skinny, for instance, on a European market where, until recently, a glut of homes had flooded the market. There was little liquidity. Now that’s changing as banks begin to unload properties for as much as 70% off.

How to capitalize on a new, emerging middle class. Where a new middle class is emerging, you get new consumers. These new consumers buy cappuccinos, refrigerators, cars, vacations, new homes and second homes. And you can profit amid this new prosperity.

We saw this trend in the U.S. in the 1950s. In the early 1990s, it played out in the new democracies of central and eastern Europe. Today we see it in places like Brazil or Colombia. You can profit by owning the condo members of this new middle class live or vacation in, or the building that houses the cafe where they sip frothy coffee.
• In November, you’ll hear about an opportunity, for instance, in a nation that’s gone from military dictatorship to vibrant democracy…from IMF debtor to creditor …from poor to middle-class country…from lap-dog-to-the-big-powers to a global player in its own right. Find out how one area, in particular, is embracing its new middle class and how you can profit from that. New jobs are on the way and the folks who will take them have to live somewhere. This spells opportunity for you.

You Gain Expertise and Judgment

One of the most important things you’ll gain at this upcoming International Real Estate Investment Forum is expertise and judgment.

It’s one thing to get “the facts,” but it’s more important – and infinitely more useful – to get the educated insights about what those facts add up to. What they mean. What’s important. What’s not. And how you can take advantage of a situation to position yourself well for gains.

And that’s exactly what we’ll focus on in Cancun.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m at the helm of Real Estate Trend Alert. I spend the majority of my time scouting the planet for good-value real estate deals—deals like the ones I’ve mentioned here.

And I put my money where my mouth is, investing overseas in the same kinds of exceptional markets I and the other experts we’ve invited to Cancun will share with you.

Just to give you a sense for how profitable this approach to wealth building can be, let me share with you some of the ways I’ve successfully invested abroad using this “exceptional market” strategy I’m talking about here…

In Panama City, Panama some years ago, for example, I bought preconstruction for $147,000 and sold shortly after my unit was delivered for $220,000. Plus because of a little-known Panama tax loophole, I was 100% legally able to pocket my profits free of any taxes in Panama.

Attendees Save Big with Special Off-Market Deals

Join us in Cancun and not only will I and the experts point you to the markets around the world most worth your attention, but we’ll connect you with developers and other real estate experts on the ground in them who have agreed to offer attendees special, “off-market” pricing.
It means you can gain a foothold at well below what somebody walking in off the street would pay. And with terms they couldn’t touch.
We are extremely selective with the deals we bring to the table, panning through the silt to find the gold. In fact, for every 200 deals we’re presented, we might bring just one to the attention of Real Estate Trend Alert members. And it’s with that same selectivity that we’ll bring deals to the International Real Estate Investment Forum in Cancun. In other words, my team is doing lots of due-diligence. We’re out kicking the tires, picking up the rocks. And you, as a result, benefit immediately from our critical judgment, perspective, and expertise.
In Brazil back in 2008, I put down the equivalent of just $1,117 on a pre-construction condo unit in Fortaleza – an incredibly hot market. I made regular, modest payments along the way. And when I sold, two years later, I pocketed $43,500 in gains.

In Ireland a few years ago (back when that country was on an economic tear), I bought a place pre-construction for 128,000 Irish pounds (the equivalent of 162,526 euro) with just a tiny down payment. A few years later, the area boomed, and I sold for 275,000 euro, pocketing a handy triple-digit annual gain.

With the right deals in the right markets at the right time – these kinds of “exceptional market” payouts aren’t unusual at all.

A Track Record of Success

In fact, readers who have joined us at our International Real Estate Investment Forum in the past have taken smart advantage of similar opportunities to earn. And they’ve cashed in with “exceptional market” payouts of their own.

Like one gentleman who bought a pre-construction apartment in the beach community of Joao Pessoa, Brazil in October 2010. He paid R$248,160 (that’s Brazilian Reals – about US$111,735). In December 2012, when it was completed, he sold it for R$420,000 (about US$189,105). It means he pocketed about $77,000 on the deal, completely hands off, in just 26 months.

In another “exceptional market,” a high-end Caribbean development with a golf course in what you could argue is the hottest stretch of sand in the region today, savvy investors are pocketing profits.

A couple of years ago, a reader took advantage of special off-market pricing (of the sort attendees will have access to) and bought an entry-level condo pre-construction for $163,000 with terms you couldn’t get walking in off the street: Just $15,000 down and payments of $800 a month. Today comparable pre-construction units list at $201,000. That’s a 19% gain.

Another reader bought a similar condo unit for $150,300 pre-construction in January 2011. Today the developer is listing the same type of condo for sale (it’ll be complete in December) for $246,000. I’m talking about a garden unit on the ground floor of a three-story building, two-bed, two-bath with open-plan layout and very nice finishings, like granite counters in the kitchen.

This is in a place where it would be really enjoyable to spend time and relax, kick back and enjoy the beach, swim or take a yoga class at the clubhouse, golf on the lovely course. And once your unit is done, rent it out for income when you’re not there – and you wouldn’t have to do a thing to manage that if you didn’t want to.

From Thailand to Malta to the Dominican Republic:
Kicking Tires around the World

At this International Real Estate Investment Forum in November, you too will be offered a “back door key” that gives you insider access to “exceptional markets” around the world.

You see, when I don’t have my Real Estate Trend Alert cap on, I’m wearing one as Director of a firm called Pathfinder International, a real estate advertising company and International Living’s preferred advertiser. I’m always on the lookout for potential investments… kicking the tires in new markets… cutting deals with developers and agents.

In the last 18 months, I’ve been on the ground in more than 16 countries – from Thailand and Malta to the Dominican Republic and Spain, some more than once, culling the worthwhile opportunities from the many that don’t deserve even a second glance.

In fact, I see about 200 potential deals for every one I actually bring to the attention of my Real Estate Trend Alert members. Now, Pathfinder may earn fees on these deals. But Real Estate Trend Alert members always get the best price available. And they always hear about the best deals first. At this event, you’ll have access to those very same off-market deals. It means you can save big in “exceptional markets” where real estate makes sense, even at full price.

This November, You Gain Firsthand, Practical,
 Profit-Minded Intelligence

I will be on hand to speak to you in November, of course. But I’m only one of many speakers we have lined up. We’ve invited more than 20 experts to share their insights with you, in fact. They’re all top-tier advisors in international real estate, finance, law, and more. Among those on hand will be…

Margaret Summerfield, Director of Pathfinder International and a long-time trusted colleague of mine. Though based in Panama City’s historic Casco Viejo neighborhood, from where she directs research and spearheads extensive due-diligence efforts, Margaret spends much of her time out scouting new markets and checking the progress on those already on the radar.

This November, she’ll share with attendees her latest, hot-off-the-presses scouting report, offer a full run-down of her top market picks, and explain why she favors certain markets and for whom they’d make the best sense. That’ll help you begin to see how the different opportunities you’ll be introduced to could fit into your portfolio.

Daniel Neves from Brazil will focus primarily on the opportunities unfolding in and around Fortaleza, where, as a partner in one of the city’s most respected real estate firms, he’s well connected and plugged in to the best investment deals. He’ll talk about several pockets of opportunity that exist there today and share with you some strategies for capitalizing on the extraordinary potential for profit ahead of the crowds in Brazil, where a new middle class is creating excellent opportunity.

Steve Linder is flying in from Costa Rica to talk about the opportunities unfolding in that nation’s southern zone right now. He’ll lay out the very compelling “path of progress” story and show you how your portfolio could benefit by holding a stake here. This place is not only beautiful, popular with international expats and visitors who appreciate the great restaurants and hotels, and easier than ever to access, but it’s also poised to increase in value.

Toni Green will join us from the Dominican Republic to talk about why her little corner of the country is different than the rest of it – and why that works to your advantage as an investor. Find out why the lack of all-inclusive resorts there is a good thing, how you could easily get in, and where the best-value opportunities are.

Experts from Coastal Mexico, both from Pacific Puerto Vallarta and along the Caribbean’s Riviera Maya from Playa del Carmen to Tulum, offer attractive investment opportunities today. We’ve invited several experts to share their insights about different ways you can position yourself in these attractive markets for gains. (And investments you can enjoy, too.) These are true path-of-progress stories – in a nation where the development track record is long and proven – that you can capitalize on now.

Ecuador – which ranks high on our list of the world’s top retirement havens – will be amply represented as well. Find out where the best investment opportunities in Ecuador are today – and how you could stake a claim here in areas on the up for less than $120,000.

Plus we’ve invited experts to talk about Colombia, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Spain, Malta, and beyond.

And of course, as I mentioned, I will share with you my boots-on-the-ground assessments and picks for the best value-oriented markets around the world today.

I’ll show you why I feel the way I do about them, and talk about how I analyze a market so you can do the same. Global events can create opportunities… but you need to be armed with the most in-depth and up-to-date information to capitalize on situations as they arise. At the International Real Estate Investment Forum, the other speakers and I will ensure that you are.

Plus you’ll hear from attorneys flying in from Uruguay, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, and elsewhere. They’ll talk you through whatever considerations you need to make from a legal standpoint before investing in their countries… and introduce you to structures that can help make your investment smooth and easy.

From each of the markets our experts recommend, you’ll meet developers and real estate professionals who will be on hand to speak with you about the opportunities they themselves have to offer you and to share their own stories about investing internationally as well.

This is a very partial list of the more than two dozen experienced players we’ve invited who you’ll have a chance to talk and meet with this fall in Cancun. And I can assure you that you’ll find all our speakers and contacts to be approachable and willing to share their opinions and experiences.

That’s important to me. You need straight-shooting insights. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you join me and my colleagues at this unique event.

Where to Find the Best Real Estate Deals Today

I’m going to give you something else, too.

I want to make sure you have the low-down on the regions I’m targeting right now for the best profit plays. A little background, essentially. That way, when you get to this event, you can put the deals you see there in context immediately.

So we’re pulling together a special report called 2015 Profit Plays in “Exceptional Markets” Overseas: Where You’ll Find the World’s Best Real Estate Deals.

When you register now for the International Real Estate Investment Forum, I’ll send it to you – free. Inside you’ll find out about…

• A market about to blossom in good-value Ecuador. A stretch of coast few people notice, is getting a golf course and a new, high-end development. Here you’re just nine miles from the Pacific, but you’re tucked in to lush green surrounds. And lots start at a mere $46,500. Find out exactly where it is, how you get there, and why now is the right time to take a look for yourself.
• The best lakeside buy in Latin America today. The first place you get to when you approach this lake from the capital is a town with pizzerias, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and souvenir stores. A cluster of new luxury spa resorts and hotels sits on the edge of the town. Most visitors never venture farther on, though they could be on the far side of the lake in just 45 minutes. They don’t know what they’re missing. It’s spectacular. And properties are still incredibly good value. Here, a small lake view lot will set you back as little as $17,500.
• A secret stretch of beach in a stable, democratic, peaceful country with a strong economy and a burgeoning tourism sector. The country is edging toward investment grade. It has good infrastructure—the tap water is drinkable…roads are modern and paved…and many public places (and some buses) have free Wi-Fi. The second-home market here is hot right now. Big international developers are moving in. The jet set will follow. But you can beat them with a path of progress play that could pay out significant gains…
• And much, much more…

2015 Profit Plays in “Exceptional Markets” Overseas: Where You’ll Find the World’s Best Real Estate Deals is yours with my compliments when you register for the International Real Estate Investment Forum.
This Isn’t “Rich Man” Investing, It’s “Smart Man” Investing

You don’t need to be super-wealthy to protect and grow your portfolio with international real estate holdings. (Though this is exactly how many of the world’s savviest and wealthiest investors do it.) This November, you’ll discover plenty of ways you can stake a claim in a market in the path of progress for $100,000 or less. And with financing, you don’t need lots of cash to get in.
You don’t need to spend weeks on end traveling the world. Sure, you can if you like. It’s always good to “kick the tires” before you commit to a place. But my colleagues and I have the legwork under control – we do it, so you don’t have to. You simply benefit from what we’ve discovered. Use this event to help you narrow down your “target” investment destinations. And then if you want to go visit, we’ll show you how to do so on the cheap.
And, in fact, it’s the only way to get a copy. We won’t sell it in the bookstore. But it’s yours, free, when you sign on.

This November 9-11, 2014, Enjoy the Sunny Caribbean

We’re hosting this event in Cancun for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s extremely easy to get to… and tickets are reasonable – sometimes downright bargain-basement. It’s an easy hop.

Not only that, it’s spectacularly gorgeous. And we’ll be hosting this event at one of the very nicest spots in Cancun. We’ll meet at the luxurious CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort. It’s a AAA Four-Diamond property, and it shows. Located right on Cancun’s glimmering white sands, it’s not only a feast for the eyes, but ensures you’ll stay in comfort and luxury.

We’ve arranged for a special discounted group room rate of $129 a night – which is about $100 off the regular rate.

Profit-Focused, Value-Minded, and Fun

While you’ll find it a wonderful place to relax… that’s not why we’ll be there.

We’ll be gathered to introduce you to the “exceptional markets” around the world where you can own a world-class property for pennies on the dollar and sit back while your investment not only increases in value, but actually pays for itself, too. Never mind what the economy back home is doing.

This is your official invitation to a seat at our table of insiders. You’ve got to be in the room to be in on the deals.

And there won’t be a more affordable time to reserve your seat.

Just one single deal you hear about at this event could be worth thousands – even tens of thousands of dollars for you. Given that math, I think we could quite reasonably charge $2,000 or $3,000 per seat for this International Real Estate Investment Forum – and it would be worth every penny.

After all, you could recoup that – and thousands of dollars more – on just ONE of the special off-market deals you’ll have access to in “exceptional markets” where property values are poised to rise.

But we wanted to make this International Real Estate Investment Forum as accessible as possible. And so right now – through Thursday, October 9, 2014, you’ll pay just $1,095 $895 for a seat. (You save $200 when you register now, and you may be eligible for additional discounts as well.) Your guest is welcome for a modest $695 $495 when you register by October 9th.

The Secrets – and Access – that Can Grow and Protect
 Your Portfolio Overseas

Your ticket to this event includes not only formal presentations by all our speakers, but also small-group workshops they’ll host.

In addition to that, I think one of the most valuable things you gain at a live event like this is the chance to rub elbows with your fellow readers who share your same interests.

So we’ve worked some “social” time into the agenda as well.
• There will be two cocktail receptions where you can kick back, network, and enjoy yourself.
• Naturally, coffee and snack breaks throughout the program.
• And, of course, you have full access to our networking and exhibit hall, where you’ll find incredible resources to help you put into action the plan that best fits your priorities and your portfolio.

Plus, of course, this event also includes access to all the off-market deals not available to the general public. Your running head start on profits in “exceptional markets” overseas, places where you could, say, stake a claim for $150,000 and have it throw off $1,000 in income every month right from the start.

This Event is Likely to Sell Out
Now I Can See a Clear Path to Where I Want to Be

“I enjoyed the very open, authentic atmosphere of speakers and exhibitors. I also enjoyed the in depth, info packed, straight, low down on the different opportunities in each country.
“Perhaps the best benefit is being able to distinguish my investment strategy. That works for me and being able to speak to the lawyers, developers, brokers, experts to flesh out that strategy so I can see a clear pathway from where I am now, to where I want to be.” – Glen A., Past Attendee, IREIF
I expect this International Real Estate Investment Forum to sell out – International Living’s events have filled up at record speed in the last year.

Cancun is an easy, affordable hop. But because of that, I encourage you to reserve your place now, while seats are still available and you can take advantage of the Early Bird Discount.

More and more people are coming to understand that in these uncertain economic times, having a portion of your nest egg outside the States is just plain common sense.

With the right international real estate plays, it can be easy to diversify – and position yourself for excellent returns outside stocks and outside the dollar.

This November in Cancun, we’ll show you exactly how to do that… introduce you to opportunities in “exceptional markets” abroad and give you access to early-in deals designed to put you in ahead of the crowd at below-market pricing.

If you’re ready to have a safe hedge against volatile markets at home and an uncertain dollar. If you’re ready to enjoy a toe-hold overseas where your nest egg can grow and you can relax…

Then there’s no more efficient, enjoyable, or affordable way to make that happen than to join me at our International Real Estate Investment Forum in Cancun, November 9-11, 2014.
If you’re really interested in the best real-estate investment options you have outside the U.S. today… but you keep reading… waiting… dreaming… putting off actually taking action… let me just say: Now is the time to do something. This forum is live, and it puts you shoulder-to-shoulder with the experts and fellow, like-minded readers.

Amazing profit opportunities exist in these “exceptional markets” around the world today. The timing is right. But it won’t be forever. So don’t wait.

With the right intelligence and the right opportunities – both of which we’ll give you in November – you can turn a modest investment into a windfall. It might be a beachside retreat… or a big-city escape… or a highland chalet somewhere… you have a lot of options today in markets where property values are poised to rise. And attendees can get in at extremely attractive prices, negotiated on your behalf. Not only can you position yourself to profit. But you can enjoy your investment, too.

If you like the idea of owning your own slice of paradise that could toss off an 8% yield right from the start, then join us in Cancun this November. We’ll show you how to do that… and point you to the little pockets on the planet where you can make that happen.

To reserve your place now, call toll-free 1-866-381-8446 or 1-410-622-3040 direct to IL’s offices in Baltimore. Or just click on the link below and confirm your assistance.


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