Published On: Tue, Jul 29th, 2014

Good news regarding the U.S. to Yucatan Ferry Service

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There are good news regarding the US to Yucatan ferry service!

Following are excerpts from distinguished member of the Expat Community in Yucatan, Tamara Magnusson, latest correspondence with Bruce Nierenberg (Chairman CEO of United Caribbean Lines), which he has granted The Yucatan Times permission to publish.

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Mr. Bruce Nierenberg has received over 2000 responses in the last two weeks to the latest survey. I thank you for responding and showing your continued interest.

Bruce also expresses his thanks to you for “taking the time to answer the survey as a way of showing your support for investors taking the risk to invest in the business that will create the new ferry service.”
Below is Bruce’s response to the many questions we have had over the course of the years. One very large remaining question is the US port and Yucatan port.

United Caribbean is still in negotiations with the ports and is therefore not able to declare the names of these ports at this time. As soon as the names of these ports are confirmed and updated will be sent out.

We will have a nice introductory offer for our first time users when we start. We will also have discounts that will be based on seasonality and when the users choose to travel.

We intend to make those customers who use us regularly to get the best prices, best discounts and the most benefits.

That’s the way it should be.

If your associates and members have sent us a response to the survey and I have the email address for them as a result, I will make sure they receive the introductory offers first as an appreciation for them helping with the surveys.

Those offers will include upgrades, special rates on cars etc., as well as goodies on board.

We will be ready to begin bookings in October at the latest for April trips.

We expect the round trip fare for the ferry including a cabin and all food and entertainment on board to start at $350 round trip. Cars will probably cost $95 one way. Again, frequent users will pay lower rates.

We have even discussed with others the interest in getting super special rates by buying a ticket book for trips in advance that gets them the lowest possible rates, guaranteed space on the trips they want, and the lowest car rates too.

These are some of the questions most frequently asked:

1. Can we bring small pets? – yes

2. Can I bring extra stuff for my residence in Mexico other than luggage and what fits in my car? – yes
We will have special personal cargo bins that can hold up to 1000 lbs and hold bulky items like bedding, appliances, even a refrigerator.
We will rent the bins one way for $95.
Compare that to excess baggage charges for luggage on a plane!!!!!

3. Can I bring an RV – yes

4. Motorcycles – yes

5. Small boats – yes

6. When will the web site be up – it’s already being prepared. We will have a preliminary site up by the end August that will have schedules etc. We will send out an email to all when the site is ready.

7. When will bookings start?  target is October 2014.

8. When will first voyage be?
Target is April.
Still having details worked out as it relates to when the ship will be turned over to us for use.

9. Will this be a year round service ? – yes.
There will be 2 round trips per week between the U.S. And the Yucatan. 52 weeks a year

10. How will we be able to book?
Online thru the website.
Thru major online travel sellers like Expedia Orbitz (Or your favorite personal travel agent).




Bruce Nierenberg
Chairman CEO
United Caribbean Lines
1369 Lexington Ave.
Davenport (Orlando) Fl. 33837
(321) 427-0332


Mexico Travel Care




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  1. Jose manzano says:

    Will there be insurance available for the vehicle

  2. I am looking forward to this!! Can’t wait to try it.

  3. I don’t believe Panama City FL can offer Ro Ro service so I am for Mobil Alabama to Calica Q’roo

  4. Jim Bowers says:

    Wehope this happens this time…

  5. John Olfert says:

    would appreciate email notice when service is avaiable.

  6. gregorio rivera says:

    update on service when available? appreciate your notice when all this happens.

  7. you say you can bring cars,motorcycles,even pets,but how do they clear customs without being held up for days?and a cost of course

  8. Darlene Janecek says:

    I hope I am still on the mailing list. We would definitely take it!!


    Is anything happening? Throw us a bone.

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