Published On: Thu, Jul 24th, 2014

Federal Government will create the new National Technology Institute of Mexico

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With the goal to strengthen superior education and to optimize academic activities of research, extension and administration of technological institutions, the Federal Government will create the new National Tech of Mexico.

The National Technology Institute will include divisions of technology, research, teaching and development of technology education, as decided by the Public Education Secretariat (SEP).

The objectives of the new institution are to provide, develop, coordinate and lead technology services for higher education for undergraduates and masters students at the tech university as well as continuing education for those who are not enrolled students.

Furthermore, the institution aims to develop and initiate applied research in science and technology to offer the highest quality of education that guarantees the equality of opportunities for students whether they live in rural or marginalized urban areas and also inclusion and diversity while disseminating knowledge.


The new institution will be presided over by a director general to be named and removed by President Peña Nieto, at the recommendation of the Public Education Secretary. National Tech of Mexico will also be lead by an academic board made up of the head of the SEP, the undersecretary of higher education and a representative of the undersecretary of education planning and policy.

Also two directors from other technology institutes, appointed by the undersecretary of higher education for the SEP, will meet annually with representatives from industries associated with higher education and technology, other engineering colleges, and the National Council of Science and Technology to provide consultation.

The announcement of the creation of National Tech of Mexico was published in the Official Gazette on Tuesday.

The announcement said that in no more than 60 days the head of the SEP will make recommendations to the president for general director of the new national technology institute.

The National Tech of Mexico Organization Manual must be presented within 180 days of its creation.


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