Published On: Mon, Jul 7th, 2014

Federal Government Removes Trees from the streets of Mérida

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Arguing that the National Railway is the owner of the center divider on Circuito Colonias, where the rails sit, Federal Government staff uprooted dozens of saplings previously planted by the City of Merida. 
Today the center strip of the Circuito looks bald as it did decades ago when the railroad ceased operations in that sector of the city. Even a long stretch of railway track disappeared with the extension of the avenue that runs East towards Kanasin. 
Even though the saplings had already taken root and were just beginning to grow, they were nevertheless uprooted by the Ministry of Communications and Transport, a branch of the Federal Government. 

Circuito Colonias

Pedestrians and students who regularly pass through the avenue stated that it is a shame that the government got rid of the trees instead of caring for them.  All expressed regret at the removal of hundreds of trees. The city of Merida desperately needs more green areas.  Bureaucratic meddling by the Federal Government does not help.
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  1. Lee says:

    Green areas? Sure. They’re great in the right place. Sadly all too often here in Merida trees, landscaping and other “aesthetic” improvements are done at the expense of traffic safety. In a city where %50 of the population fails to come to complete stop until they’re in the middle of an intersection the last thing needed are more impediments of drivers ability to see possible oncoming traffic.

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