Published On: Fri, Jul 11th, 2014

Federal Government is passing Railway Properties to the State Government, including “La Plancha”

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The Mexican Federal Government has given the government of Yucatán 391 farms and 3,400 acres on loan, which will become part of the state assets and thereby promote the welfare of the population.
With this agreement, the area known as “La Plancha” which includes the old railway station, is now state property, and so may be available for the Transpeninsular Train Project. 
Governor Rolando Zapata Bello signed a loan agreement with the National Railways of Mexico (FNML), and a collaboration agreement with the Department of Administration and Sale of Goods (SAE) for the stations, tracks, and land where the train used to pass.  These are now all state property. 
The General Director of the SAE, Hector Orozco Fernandez, said that with the knowledge of the Secretary of Finance, Luis Videgaray, lines, stations and trains that transported goods and provided jobs in the past, are no longer waiting for a historic opportunity.
Zapata Bello_Orozco Fernandez

Rolando Zapata Bello and Héctor Orozco Fernandez

“These goods cannot continue to be silent witnesses of economic development; they have to be active and become available spaces for Yucatecans,” he said.
At the same time, Governor Rolando Zapata Bello said the land known as “La Plancha” in the center of Merida, currently used by the School of Arts of Yucatan, has an area of ​​seven acres; two acres will be granted as a loan, along with the old railway station.
In addition to La Plancha, 14 monuments in the capital and other cities may be recovered and restored for the benefit of citizens.
In the case of the town of Tunkás, the old railroad station has been converted into a cultural center; in Tixkokob the area once used by the railroads became a sports complex; and in Cacalchén, the old train station is now used as a public market.
Zapata Bello said that these lands will be used as spaces for artistic and cultural expression, showcasing Yucatecan talent and creativity.
“Let’s turn those million square meters into spaces with more gender equality, more productive inclusion and greater crime prevention. We are expanding the boundaries of welfare,” Zapata Bello concluded.
Railroad grounds in Merida

Railroad grounds in Merida

Neighbors of La Plancha and distinguished members of Yucatecan society are willing to transform the grounds of La Plancha into a central park that would bring health, culture and prosperity to the community.

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