Published On: Fri, Jul 25th, 2014

Dining with Dick & Jane at Rescoldos Mediterranean Bistro

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Rescoldos Mediterranean Bistro, opened in October of 2009, is a new favorite for Dick and Jane, and with Mediterranean being one of Dick’s ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE cuisine types and Jane’s desire for vegetarian options, it’s no surprise that this little gem of a place was such a hit with this dining duo.

Between the ambiance of their courtyard dining area and the exceptional service provided by Roger, it is easy to see how they have scored so well on Trip Advisor and among the locals. They are also mentioned in a number of travel books including Fodors, Fromers, Lonely Planet and la Fleur.

We arrived LATE, call it 10:30, and they close at 11, but WELCOME to YUCATECAN late night dining. Dick had called to confirm closing time, however did not ask for a reservation.

Upon arrival we parked on the street directly in front of the entrance. We were greeted right away and were told that the patio was full and we were offered our choice of inside tables. We selected one with the best cross ventilation and they turned on the ceiling fan for our comfort. We perused the menu and the special boards.

Dick ordered the Spanish Gazpacho special soup of the day and Jane wanted a small Greek Salad.

Rescoldos Specials

Rescoldos offers a nightly special soup and pizza.

Dick being quite hungry upgraded the salad order to a large Greek and talked Jane into splitting it with him. The gazpacho arrived promptly and with a touch of salt was quite good and full of fresh flavors. At the time of the arrival of the soup a group of 6 were leaving the restaurant. This provided the opportunity for us to sit out in the courtyard and enjoy the BEST TABLE IN THE HOUSE, which is in the back. It is a very secluded, romantic and quaint atmosphere. So Roger led us out of the restaurant building, past the wood fired pizza oven and into the Eden of Rescoldos.

He relocated the gazpacho for us and the salad arrived soon thereafter. It was quite large, definitely entrée size, and to our surprise there was no lettuce used in the preparation. It was really refreshing to get away from the lettuce heavy Greek salads that are commonly found up north and to have a chunky Greek salad with more of what you really want and less lettuce.

Jane was thinking about ordering a Whiskey with Agua Mineral, however when Dick ordered a red sangria she quickly changed her mind and went with that also. For an entrée the namesake pizza was ordered – the Rescoldos Pizza which has Rescoldos pizza sauce topped with spicy Italian salamis & pepperoni, Serrano ham, fresh mushrooms, fresh oregano and fresh mozzarella cheese. The pie was great, browned slightly on top – just like the pics in the menu – and the combination of ingredients were as good as they sound.

Rescoldos' 6 cheese pizza

Rescoldos’ pizza

When Dick returns he will be ordering his usual quatro formaggi (but Jake, the owner and chief pizza chef, said he can make him a 6 cheese pizza) with extra sauce, pepperoni’s, cooked slightly less than the Rescoldos pizza and topped with FRESH BASIL after it comes out of the oven. OK, maybe half of it will have no pepperoni so Jane can have some of it also.

For dessert it was decided that since all 3 of the listed offerings sounded so good that the sampler would be the best option. The baklava bites, tiramisu cheesecake and evenings special gelato of lavender honey were delivered with a smile and thoroughly enjoyed.

Fountain at Rescoldos

Rescoldos’ courtyard dining area

Jake and Rae Ann Vliet, the owners of this fine eatery, bought the 100 year old colonial home that was previously use for a medical supply store selling wheel chairs, bedpans and walkers about 6 years ago. They did a renovation of the building that now includes the restaurant on the first level and their residence on the second level.

They lived in Kelowna and Alberta, Canada before moving to South Korea for 2 years. In Korea Rae Ann started cooking commercially for a take out concept that prepared the dish and the customer did the final reheat or baking in their own home. This was the warm up for what is now Rescoldos and we are very happy that they relocated here and have added nicely to the collection of fine eateries in Centro.

The Rescoldos name came from Spanish word meaning EMBERS (what is left after the fire has gone out), is not commonly used in Mexico but it stuck for a restaurant name and they liked it.


Location: Calle 62 #366 X C41yC43, Centro
Phone: 999 286-1028
Social Media:
Hours: 6-11 pm Wednesday thru Saturday for Summer and they are CLOSING from August 6th – September 17th for their annual personal holiday back to Canada
Reservations Accepted: YES, 8 ppl MAX outside
Credit Cards Accepted: NO, CASH ONLY
Menu in English: YES
Pricing: $$$ *
Dining with Dick and Jane is a weekly restaurant review column featured in The Yucatan Times and on the Dining with Dick and Jane FaceBook page, so please read us at TYT and LIKE us on FaceBook.

* Pricing is based upon per person estimates for 1 pre-meal cocktail and a typical multi course meal with dessert $=<$100, $$=$100-$200, $$$=$200-$300, $$$$=>$400 (MXP) see their FB page or
website for full menu.

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