Published On: Thu, Jul 17th, 2014

6,000 people will travel to Merida to attend Conventions and Conferences on September

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“The city of Merida will experience one of its highest levels of hotel occupancy in September this year, as roughly 5,800 visitors are due attend 11 major conferences and conventions, not counting separate events organized by ​​the large hotels”, said the Secretary of Tourism Development (SEFOTUR), Saul Ancona Salazar. 
Ancona mentioned that a good year-end is also expected, because these events are followed by the International Festival of Mayan Culture 2014, to be held from 17 to 26 October, showcasing traditions, music, language and other aspects of Mayan culture.  He said the activities that will be part of this celebration will focus not only on entertainment, but also on education about the ancient Mayan culture, including seminars, research, conferences, workshops and forums, all of which will be open to the public. 
The Festival will also feature artists, students and academics from the Maya region, and international exhibitors from different disciplines such as music, dance and theater.  The event will be positioned as the “Festival Cervantino of Southeast Mexico”. 
The Secretary observed that the intention is to make the International Festival of Mayan Culture an ongoing project that will highlight Mexico and Yucatan as a reference for international cultural tourism. 
Saul Ancona Salazar

Saul Ancona Salazar

As for this year’s summer holiday period, Ancona Salazar said that a large number of visitors is expected, and some of the airlines will be increasing flight frequency to meet passenger demand. 
The tourism service providers are responsible for turning reservations into actual occupation, and they are working closely with government authorities to strengthen “anchor” events.

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