Published On: Wed, Jun 18th, 2014

Human Chain for Holbox

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600 people formed a human chain chanting “Let’s Save Holbox!”
With the participation of about 600 persons at the cry of “We are Saving Holbox!” a one mile long “human chain” was formed along the coast of the island, to protest against the plan to build a mega touristic project on the Natural Protected Area of “Yum Balam”, where this unique destination is located.  This group of people wants to ensure that, no hotel developments such as “La Ensenada” are allowed over ejido land.
All dressed in white, men, women and children gathered in the vicinity of Cuca river, on a long sandy beach that is a nesting site for sea turtles, to ask for the preservation of Holbox is it is right now, and not to make it subject to tourist predation “Holbox united will never be defeated!” and “Not one step back,” chanted the demonstrators among other slogans .
Among the protesters were Holboxeños, including so-called ‘original ejidatarios’ that keep the dispute with the company known as Maya Peninsula Development on land and land rights, but also citizens of Kantunilkín, Chiquilá and Solferino, not to mention members of Cancun’s environmental organizations and activists from all around the state of Quintana Roo, some of them made the trip from Playa del Carmen and Felipe Carrillo Puerto.
Human Chain in Holbox

Human Chain in Holbox

Among those present was the federal deputy, Graciela Saldaña Fraire from the political party PRD and the local State Attorney (Ministerio Público), Trinidad García Argüelles, former PAN Mayor of Lazaro Cardenas Municipality where Holbox town is located.
As part of the demonstration, a blanket featuring a dozen names of “undesirable individuals” was displayed on scene.
Among these non welcome characters are: George Ruben Silesky Mata (Land Court Judge), who was accused of complicity with a group of Yucatecan entrepreneurs sought to strip the land of this tourist destination from the original landowners.
Other names such as Rodolfo Vallín Lugo, CEO of the National Agrarian Registry (Registro Nacional Agrario), Jorge Lopez Negrete, delegate of the Agrarian Office (Delegado de la Procuraduría Agraria) and several major Yucatecan entrepreneurs who are behind the name “Maya Peninsula Development” and now figure as “ejidatarios”: Antonio Almazan, Alejandro Canales, Hermilo Castilla Roche, Patrick Martin, Pedro Rey and Jose ‘Pepin’ Menendez.
The list of undesirables

The list of undesirables

Right by the list of ‘undesirable people’ there was a legend stating that: “any person who atemmpts to violate the integrity of Holbox island and its inhabitants, whether local or foreign, is not welcome.”
Justice and immedate solution

Justice and immedate solution to fraud

Another sign displayed on the site read: “Justice. Immediate solution to fraud ” in protest against the dispossession of ejido land by the so-called “Yucatecan ejidatarios” who already approved the partition of the island Holbox in four suburbs as part of a strategy to marginalize the ‘original’ ejidatarios and facilitate tourism development plans, as a part of their first attempt to build the Touristic Mega Complex known as “La Ensenada” in the area.
Human Chain at sunset

Human Chain at sunset

And even though the scandal regarding the Holbox ejido land conflict went viral on social networks and made national and international news, the truth is that the Yucatecan enterpreneurs and politicians from Quintana Roo decided to withdraw from the Environmental Impact Study of the controversial hotel project that was in the process of evaluation before SEMARNAT, so the federal agency could cancel the authorization procedure for now; and when things “cool down” (in a couple of years maybe), the door will be open for investors to re-submit this same project (under a different name), or perhaps other that fit the new division of ejido land in the island of Holbox and the Yum Balam Natural Protected Area.
Therefore, the apparent success of the cancellation of the project known as ‘La Ensneada’, could be a just temporary thing.

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