Published On: Wed, Jun 4th, 2014

“Ensisal” A Unique Concept on the Yucatan Coastline

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In Mexico, crowded beaches and busy tourist destinations are a dime a dozen. And it’s been assumed that there’s no coastline that isn’t over populated or over priced. That is simply not the case.

Located less than one hour from cosmopolitan Merida, the capital of the State of Yucatan and the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula, landmark of culture and commerce, is Sisal; a small fishing village rooted in history and culture. Discovered by few, it has maintained its unique charm.

Ensisal is located on the peaceful and serene Sisal shoreline which is not only relatively undiscovered, but protected by the Mexican government. With these guidelines in place, there are only a small number of individuals who will be able to call Ensisal home.


“Successfully develop a premier Yucatan seaside residential community. Provide a high quality, comfortable and secure lifestyle environment for our clients, while making an enduring and positive contribution to the Sisal area.”



Ensisal is a first for the Yucatan coastline, with more than 250 acres controlled by a single developer with a single vision: ‘to maintain the future harmony, tranquility and financial success of the entire area.’

Sisal Beach

Sisal Beach

Non-Mexicans citizens can legally own beachfront property in Mexico. Here is a summary of how it works:

The Mexican Constitution restricts ownership of coastal real estate (31 miles inland from the water) to only Mexicans. To attract foreign investment, the Mexican Government passed into law in 1993 a very important bill which recognizes a Mexican Corporation as the legal entity fulfilling the Constitutional requirement for Mexican ownership. And at the same time, the law allows for non-Mexicans to totally own the Mexican Corporation.

  1. You own your Mexican Corporation.
  2. Your Mexican Corporation owns your beachfront real estate.
  3. You own your beachfront real estate, complete with a legally registered title.

The Mexican Government welcomes foreign investment in Mexico and has made the process very easy. Revenues from foreign investment and tourism continue to rise every year and are the leading source of income for Mexico.


We believe in keeping life simple. All closing costs are included in the prices; no surprises. All escrow deposits are fully refundable for thirty days. Breathe easy.

Prices starting at $ 250,000 USD.

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Alfonso Galindo

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