Published On: Mon, Jun 2nd, 2014

Drunk Driver ran over a Group of Cyclists in Monterrey

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A drunk driver lost control of his vehicle and ran over a group of cyclists in Monterrey. One person died and five more were injured in the accident.

The accident happened on Sunday May 31st at 09:05 am on the National Highway, around Palmares Residencial neighborhood. The dead cyclist was identified as Heleodoro Rodríguez, age 45.

The driver, Osvaldo Javier Martínez Molina, 21, was detained. The five people that traveled in the car were reported to be drunk.

Five cyclists were also injured in the accident; two of them are reported to be in serious condition.

Drunk driver ran over a group of cyclists in Monterrey

Drunk driver ran over a group of cyclists in Monterrey

The five injured are: Eliseo Alberto Garza López, 27; César Abelardo Tamez García, 44; Sergio Sánchez Barrios, Jesús Arreola Navarrete and Armando Caballero Guerra. The first two were taken to the hospital in serious condition.

The organization “No conducir ebrio” (Don’t drive durnk), says that drunk drivers kill near 500 people every year in the Mexican State of Nuevo León.


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