Published On: Thu, Jun 5th, 2014

Discover the Ultimate World’s Newspaper-Collection

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At NewsTornado Newspaper-Collection you can find about 13000 newspapers with circulation and other interesting data. Compare the news of the world and find your favorite newspaper or find your newspaper in your language in another country.

After 2 years of development, S.R.N. finally starts up one of the largest, free accessible online newspaper database in the world.

The Comprehensive Web Design Newspaper database with more than 13,000 entries is easily accessible by all devices, from smartphones, tablets or PCs, irrespective of the operating system and without the necessity to install an app. S.R.N. is uniformly accessible.

“None of the already existing and comparable websites are as much extensive and informative as S.R.N.

One of our impressive highlights is the map display called < Newspaper Circulation Map >, which offers the opportunity to select any entry by country, language and the method of dissemination (local or national). The deeper you scroll in the map, the more detailed is the picture. This feature is especially interesting for those who needs to be well informed about worldwide news daily, ” says Rainer Rosenbaum, owner and developer of the S.R.N. team.

Both, the search for a newspaper in the favored city by choosing the button “Newspaper by City” as well as the search in the favored country with the selection “Newspaper by Country” is comfortably possible. Are you looking for the latest news in a specific language? Only one click on “Newspapers by Language ” is enough and an overview of all global newspapers in the desired language appears.

The detailed overview of a newspaper contains the dissemination and partially the newspaper address as well as the Publisher address, if applicable. is the world’s largest, openly accessible newspaper database including map display. The website S.R.N. is suitable for the multimedia world, contemporary as well as modern and permanently updated. Both, for professional use as well as for private users, this new platform will exceed your expectations!


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