Published On: Sat, May 24th, 2014

Yucatán must promote a Birding Culture in the Maya Villages

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A new and colorful Yucatan Peninsula Bird Guide is just off the press. Your purchase of this book will benefit a major conservation project involving children in rural communities on the Yucatan Peninsula.

A new photographic bird guide book, “Sal a Pajarear Yucatán”, by Barbara MacKinnon H. provides information on birds in general in the region as well as specific information on 408 species and how to identify them. Although the text is in Spanish, bird names are provided in English, Latin and Maya, and YucatanPeninsula range maps are provided for each species. The book is written for beginning birdwatchers of all ages with easy to read texts; at the same time, it serves as a useful reference for professionals.

Sal a Pajarear

Sal a Pajarear

A large percentage of this field guide is being donated to children in rural communities along with their volunteer instructors participating in the project entitled Sal a Pajarear, coordinated by Niños y Crías A.C.

The 287 page book sells for $300 pesos and is available at Librería Gandhi in Galerias – Mérida and in Cancún.

Birds of Yucatan guide

Birds of Yucatan guide


Descrption of “White-necked Puffbird”

About the Author:

BARBARA MACKINNON HASKINS DE MONTES is considered an expert on the birds of the Yucatan Peninsula for her 37 years of experience in the theme and is a well-known conservationist.

She has lived in Mexico since 1969, principally in the Peninsula and became a Mexican citizen in 1981. Barbara is the Founding President of the non-profit association Amigos de Sian Ka’an (ASK) in Cancún and remains a life-time advisor.

She created the Yucatan Peninsula Bird Conservation program (CAPY) under ASK in 1998 and for nine years provided training to 150 bird guides in the region and elsewhere. Her experiences are documented in the “Manual for the Development and Training of Bird Guides”, a courtesy publication used throughout the world.

Barbara was coordinator of the Yucatan Bird Festival for its first four years; is a prolific conference giver and has more than 50 publications to her credit.

She is the author of two interactive CD-Roms entitled “200 Birds of the Yucatan Peninsula” and the recently published regional bird guide, Sal a Pajarear Yucatán containing information on 408 species. She is the recipient of the national Ecological Merit Award 2006 in the individual category from the Secretary of the Environment of Mexico (SEMARNAT).

Yucatán must promote a birding culture in the Maya villages

Yucatán must promote a birding culture in the Maya villages

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