Published On: Thu, May 8th, 2014

Yucatan gets prepared for the start of the Hurricane Season

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The State Unit of Civil Protection and the Command of the 32 Military Zone located in Valladolid, has begun preparations for the coming hurricane season, said a spokesman from PROCIVY (Protección Civil de Yucatán).
The commander of the military installation, Luis Manuel Velez Fernández de Lara, outlined the details of the protocol implementation of the Emergency Plan DNE III, operated by the Secretary of National Defense in case of an emergency.  Aaron Palomo Euán, head of PROCIVY, declared that personnel of the Military Engineering Battalion in the East of the State are always available in case of a possible disaster.  PROCIVY underlined that civil protection protocol is being observed prior to the start of the tropical cyclone season, as indicated by the  State Civil Defense Council.
The National Water Commission (Conagua) has predicted nine tropical cyclones this year for the Atlantic Coast of Mexico. Five of them could reach categories from 1 to 2, three could be category 3 and one could reach category 5.  State and Municipal Civil Defense Councils, State Military Support Units, representatives of the Federal Government as well as business associations and voluntary groups, will be attending several meetings to review issues such as the operation of 50 state shelters, food and water supply, evacuation systems, protocols of action and attention to domestic and foreign tourists in case of an emergency.
These meetings will take place during the First Regular Session of the State Council of Civil Defense scheduled for May 30th.


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