Published On: Fri, May 9th, 2014

Yucatan and Miami FL Reach Trade Agreement

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Governor of Yucatan Rolando Zapata Bello and Miami Mayor Tomás Pedro Regalado y Valdez have initiated a trade agreement for the benefit of their respective citizens. Following the signing of the agreement, Governor Zapata received the keys to the city of Miami.
The collaboration agreement was executed between the Ornamental Products System Committee of Yucatan (Consejo de Productores del Comité Sistema Productos Ornamentales de Yucatán), and two American companies: Deroose Plants and Fif Logistics, which will benefit Yucatecan producers, marketers and distributors.
“We know that 75 percent of the fruit and 95 percent of the flowers that are distributed in the United States, enter through this port and 7 out of every 10 products that Yucatán exports, are exported to the U.S.,” Zapata Bello said.
Under this agreement, training, consulting, marketing and logistical support will be provided to the Yucatecan producers, resulting in better rates in the retail price of their products.  This will also generate more and better jobs for the farmers in the region and a better quality of life for their families.
“As a result, medium and long term economic growth is expected in the field of Rural Development.
This will benefit the entire region and help producers to generate more and better quality products at low cost,” said Felipe Cervera Hernández, Yucatan Secretary of Rural Development, who also attended the meeting.

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