Published On: Wed, May 14th, 2014

Questionable Permitting Process for the Coliseo Yucatan parkin lot.

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On the night of Tuesday May 13th 2014, recording artist Marc Anthony performed in front of ten thousand people at the Coliseo Yucatan Arena.

The author of hits such as Vivir la Vida” delighted the audience for about 3 hours in a memorable concert, that the attendance will remember for a lifetime.

The problem here is that Coliseo Yucatán has a totally insufficient parking lot that can only hold up to 150 vehicles. If we are talking about a facility big enough for ten thousand people, that means it should have parking space for at least 2,500 cars.

Which raises the question: How could the city authorize such a permit?

When it is obvious that, if there is nowhere to park, people will park their cars along the Progreso-Merida highway (in both directions).

The people that parked their cars on the opposite side of the road, were crossing the highway in the middle of the night, jeopardizing their lives, and making it very dangerous for them and for the motorists.

This situation caused a chaotic traffic jam that lasted for hours. Students from the Anáhuac Mayab University that got out of class at 9pm, experienced a “Mexico City” kind of bottleneck congestion, totally unusual for the city of Merida Yucatan.

These unfortunate events are the result of an inadequate evaluation of parking needs by the authorities. The municipality must take immediate effective actions regarding this problem.

Concerts at the Coliseo Yucatan are starting to represent a “pain in the neck” for the Yucatecan citizenship, instead of being an enjoyable experience.

Traffic Jam at Coliseo Yucatan

Traffic Jam at Coliseo Yucatan
(Photo: Valentina Ponce Goff)



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