Published On: Tue, May 27th, 2014

Next time you buy a Six Pack, please save the tabs for a good cause

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Socorro from Chicxulub crochets purses using tabs from cans, and right now she  is running out of them. We are trying several new styles and the tabs are in demand.

There  is no specific place where we can obtain these tabs in good number, so please keep this request in mind when you are drinking from a can!





We need as many as you can save for us in Chicxulub.  Check out the different designs with each being unique.





So next time you buy a six pack of canned beer or soda, please save the tabs for a good cause, those little tabs that everybody throws away, can really make a big difference for Socorro and her family.


For further information on how to help Chicxulub Food Bank, click on the following link and please leave your name and email:

Chicxulub Food Bank Contact information:


Mexico Travel Care




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