Published On: Fri, May 2nd, 2014

Music Festival donation to Save the Children announced

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MÉRIDA, YUCATÁN – It’s a little over a month since the Mérida Music Festival 2014 took place at Hacienda Dzibikak, and this week we were delighted to hear from “Save the Children” that they benefitted to the tune of $20,000 pesos as a result of the festival.

Save the Children is an international organization with a presence in more than 120 countries and one of the most important on a global scale when it comes to working to protect the rights of children.

In Yucatán, the local chapter is focused on three areas:

  1. Workshops in public schools at a primary and secondary level, to promote development of children and adolescents and give them the necessary skills to improve their lives and reduce risks.
  2. Community child development centers – concentrating on children from 1 – 4 years, to assist with issues of self-esteem, recognition, and emotion control, while at the same time promoting good hygiene, health care, and the importance of a healthy diet.
  3. Health and nutrition – building a lifestyle in which health care and food quality, as well as respect and solidarity among members of the communities are promoted.


In order to raise additional funds, Save the Children in Yucatán has announced a Vegas Night, featuring a fantasy casino, with Vegas style games. Participants will have the chance to win prizes including dinners at Mérida’s finest restaurants, hotel nights, artwork, and spa treatments, among other gifts. Money raised from the donations will be destined to support the school workshop programs, focusing on preventing violence towards children. Over 3,300 children in Mérida, Kanasin and Tixpéhual participate in the program.

The event will take place at Club Campestre, on Prolongación Paseo de Montejo, on Friday, May 16, from 9pm until 2am. Donation for attending will be $1,000 pesos, including games, food and beverages. Information can be obtained by phone at 920 5533, and tickets are available at Hipoxi, Rosas & Xocolate, and Hennessy’s Irish Pub.


For more information about Save the Children’s work in Mexico, visit or to contact the Yucatán branch, send an email to

Questions or comments? Let us hear from you below, or send an email to

Stewart Mandy

Stewart Mandy

Questions or comments? Let us hear from you below, or send an email to

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