Published On: Fri, May 16th, 2014

Merida’s Colonial Attributes changed into captivating Vacation Spots

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Radiant pastel manors, tranquil night promenades, a prospering restaurant scene, and a flourishing restoration project makes this cultural city a travelers ideal haven, as well as the home of a world class gathering of great visionaries.

The Yucatan is a region abundant with archeological and cultural history, giving the traveler a chance to stay and consume part of this rich history. The Hacienda Xcanatun, an incredible 18-suite boutique hotel is located in an eighteenth century building. It was here were the restoration project first began.

Hacienda Xcanatun Swimming Pool

Hacienda Xcanatun Swimming Pool

The growing boutique hotel landscape has changed some of Merida’s finest colonial attributes into captivating and unique vacation spots. But it’s not just hoteliers that are redoing the city’s dazzling landscape; it also includes most of the city’s major businesses. Merida is securing a somewhat cosmopolitan atmosphere; there are numerous locals as well as Europeans that have refurbished the colonial houses in the heart of the city.

Just as Merida enters into another phase, it is the city’s relaxed atmosphere that makes it so distinct from Mexico’s other prevalent hotspots. Every afternoon, both locals and visitors congregate at the beautiful Plaza Grande. The 16th-century Catedral de San Ildefonso makes for a great backdrop setting.

Rosas and Chocolate Hotel Boutique

Rosas and Chocolate Hotel Boutique

As the evening begins, restaurants throughout the city begin to serve up their famous traditional Yucatan cuisine. Known for its international flavors of European, Caribbean and Middle Eastern, the food served here is some of the best in Mexico.

As the city grows even more, it’s beginning to draw an influx of top-notch creators, sculptors, painters, artists, and culinary experts. Each Sunday, the city shuts down the Paseo de Montejo to all traffic, permitting individuals to ride their bicycles up the main avenue that is surrounded with noteworthy mansions, including the historic 16th-century Casa de Montejo. A number of outstanding performances are featured each Sunday by the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra.

Casa Lecanda

Casa Lecanda

There is a certain saying here that goes like this, “Once you drink the well water there is no turning back.” It used to be that only sophisticated travelers would come to visit, but now business people and creative’s alike are calling Merida their new home.

It’s exactly the same feeling that visitors get when they come to visit for the very first time. There is no denying it; this is truly a mystical spot.


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