Published On: Fri, May 2nd, 2014

Man dressed as woman arrested in Mérida for assault

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Wearing a “sexy” red mini skirt at the time of his capture, a male cross-dresser prostitute that goes by the name of Cristian Ruiz Selem (aka Cristina), was apprehended after assaulting a man that was walking along the streets of Downtown Mérida, on Saturday April 26th, 2014.

Before he robbed the victim, he approached and invited him to have a “man to man wild sex encounter”, offer that the subject refused, it was at this moment when “Cristina” turned into Cristian and used his male force to subdue Gonzalo González against the wall and take his wallet with 200 pesos and credit cards.

According to Mr. Gonzalez, he was walking down the street when he saw this “red flame mini skirt” and a man that was wearing it. It was then when Cristian started to talk to him and all the events took place.

After the crime was committed González went to look for a police officer, and hours later the perpetrator of the crime was successfully aprehended.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time a man dressed up as a woman assaults people in the Downtown area.


Cristian Ruiz Selem (aka Cristina)


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