Published On: Wed, May 14th, 2014

Major Security and Law Enforcement Operation in Tamaulipas, México.

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The federal government on Tuesday introduced a new security strategy for the Mexican Northen State of Tamaulipas which includes three pillars: disrupt the composition and operation of the criminal organizations operating in the state; seal the routes in which the smuggling of persons, substances , weapons and money takes place, and ensure ” adequate , efficient and reliable ” local security institutions.


The operational actions of this new strategy will focus on four areas of Tamaulipas; border, covering the municipalities of Reynosa, Rio Bravo , Valle Hermoso and Matamoros ; Coast, which includes Tampico, Ciudad Madero and Altamira ; Center , the towns of Victoria and Llera , and South, which are the municipalities of Mante, and Morelos , stated the Minister of the Interior Miguel Angel Osorio Chong.


“In each of these areas, there will be special attention of the Secretariat of National Defense (Department of Defense) and the Mexican Navy (SEMAR), and at the same time the human, technical and intelligence resources will be strengthened, “said the federal official.


The State of Tamaulipas

The State of Tamaulipas

The governor of Tamaulipas, Egidio Torre Cantú , stated that the region has been affected by major problems of insecurity and violence, crimes as kidnapping, extortion, assaults, car jacks on highways and roads have increased  due to the disputes between criminal groups .


During the first quarter of the year, according to statistics from the Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Pública (SNSP), Tamaulipas was ranked as the second state of Mexico with the highest number of kidnappings, with a rate of 1.97 complaints per 100,000 citizens; fourth in extortion , with a rate of 2.57 ; and tenth place in homicides, with 4.03 per 100,000 inhabitants.


Osorio Chong added that the Attorneys General Office (Procuradoria General de la República) will install four regional prosecutor’s offices, one in the border, other in the coast, another in the center and the last one in the south of the state, to monitor and investigate crimes more effectively.


“I will install inspection equipment at strategic points in order to inhibit the illegal movement of people, we will conduct law enforcement operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week in major urban areas”, said Osorio Chong, who was accompanied by governor Egidio Torre .


Miguel Angel Osorio Chong and Governor Egidio Torre Cantú

Miguel Angel Osorio Chong and Governor Egidio Torre Cantú

The Minister of the Interior asked the Tamaulipa´s citizens to use the emergency telephone line 088, to report any suspicious situation as well to report officials who may be involved with organized crime.


The federal authority revealed that the Public Security Secretariat (SECRETARIA DE SEGURIDAD PUBLICA) of the State will have a process of evaluation and cleansing; the mayors of each municipality will be monitored and their police forces revised. Also the Institute for Criminal Investigation and Research will be created, with the purpose of forming “honest” cops.


Osorio Chong said that these actions will begin immediately, “this will be a transparent process, in which any public servant that has any link to the organized crime or committed acts of corruption will be tolerated.”

Ten members of an elite police unit in the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas

Ten members of an elite police unit in the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas





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