Published On: Thu, May 22nd, 2014

Important Message to Residents of the Yucatán Beach Areas

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We want to make the community aware of some incidents and changes about to take place.            
In the past 8 weeks we have been made aware of two break-ins.   Both were reported to the Public Security Office in Yucalpeten.  Thanks to those who took the time and effort to report them.  We know that the effort can be very daunting and frustrating, but it is important, as you will see below.
The Process is common throughout Mexico and not just Progreso…especially at the municipal government level.  This is often fueled by a lack of resources, training, and professional support staff.  Additionally, many municipalities lack computer connectivity and often maintain limited data holdings, all adding to the complexity of the process.
Chelem Beach

Chelem Beach

Right now, there are many changes going on at the state level.  Through our contacts we have been made aware of some major changes in the law, which will take effect on June 1st in the State of Yucatan.
The old system, called the Inquisitory system gives police wide authority to conduct investigative detentions. Because of the wide authority it lent itself to a process that made it difficult, if not impossible to lead to successful case prosecution.  It also had judges make decisions based on written reports versus presentation of evidence in court.   So as you can see, no report, no prosecution.
The State of Yucatan will transition to the new accusatory Legal system during the first week of June.  Loosely this system is based on the systems widely used in the US and Canada. In an accusatorial system, judges evaluate evidence in an open trial and there is a separation between the institution that presents the accusation and the one that makes the judgment.
In other states that have implemented the law, judicial reform is associated with an increase in the probability that the Public Prosecution Office will investigate a reported crime. BUT, your report is still key to the successful prosecution of the case.  As you can imagine, this requires changing a legal system that has functioned in a certain way for over 70 years. The system is meant to correct many of the issues listed above, plus lead to improved prosecution of offenders. Needless to say, there will be some hiccups and challenges ahead.
In addition we have passed on some very good suggestions received from each of you on how to improve the Current system in Progreso to authorities.  They have been well received.  While we don’t see the changes taking place immediately, we see an interest in making the process better.
Please continue to advise us of any issues and, of course, suggestions.
One of the continuing issues we are seeing is that of Trash Disposal.  With your help, leaflets were distributed for Semana Santa and to advise the weekend  visitors of the Trash pickup.
Yucalpeten Beach

Yucalpeten Beach

Most of the weekend visitors have at least begun to place their trash out for Monday pickup. Most is in bags placed at ground level.  This lends itself to the street animals tearing open the bags before pickup.    We of course have limited resources to distribute leaflets, so we ask each of you to advise your neighbors to place the bags high on a wall or hung on a fence to limit the animals exposure to them.
Obviously the placement of trash cans would be the best solution.  Perhaps offer to return them to your neighbors yard for them after pickup. We have once again attached an updated version of the leaflet as well and encourage you to post on their gates/property or present to your Mexican Neighbors.

Thanks to everyone for your input and support.


Source: “Beach News from Bob and Dorothy” (Email sent by Reg Deneau on Wednesday May 21, 2014 at 3:59 PM)

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