Published On: Fri, May 16th, 2014

Federal Authorities closing down casinos in Mérida

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On Monday May 5th the casino known as Circus, located on Calle 60 and Circuito Colonias, was closed by Federal Government Authorities due to the irregularities in their operation. They seemed to be working without a permit and they were not issuing tax deductible receipts.

On Thursday May 16th, Auditors Tax Administration (SAT), closed two more casinos in Merida, the Golden Island and Casino Life, based on law regulating operation, since these establishments did not resolve in a timely manner the irregularities detected in their reports to the Secretaría de Hacienda (Mexican IRS).

Federal Authorities closing down "Circus" casino. Photo

Federal Authorities closing down “Circus” casino. Photo

The Closure of the Golden Island and Casino Life was a warning to the managers of the other four operating casinos. Three of them decided to close to the public: Crown City, Mega Jackpot and Winpot, leaving only one casino open, Juega Juega.

Unofficial information indicates that the closure also applies to strengthen measures to suspend permits for the operation of casinos that was recently unveiled and it is expected that these businesses will be closed for 72 hours, while they correct the anomalies detected by the authorities.

In the last two weeks a great number of casinos have been closed down all over Mexico, including the Playboy Casino in Cancún and many others in Northern Mexico, as a result of the research conducted by Federal Authorities. Many of these companies are owned by Juan Jose Rojas Cardona, who is known as the “casino czar” who is being currently investigated along with some Supreme Court judges who were allegedly allowing the ilegal operations of these establishments.

SAT officers closing down "Golden Island" casino. Photo

SAT officers closing down “Golden Island” casino. Photo




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