Published On: Fri, May 2nd, 2014

Dubai like Project is confirmed in Campeche

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The new exhibition center to be built in the Waterfront grounds of San Francisco de Campeche, to replace the “Ah Kim Pech Forum” fairgrounds, is only the first step to a major development that will be built in this city.

It consists of a human-made group of structures, that will involve several buildings, a new exhibition center, a Marina and a dock for different sized boats and ships.

In addition to the 30 million that was allocated to this project in the national infrastructure plan, there are also 150 million for the “Historic Centre/Land reclaimed from the sea” Project (Centro Histórico/Terrenos ganados al mar Marina).

The local newspaper EXPRESO Campeche reported on Wednesday April 30 that the current Forum Ah Kim Pech would be sold to a major hotel chain.

Yesterday, Secretary of Coordination, Jorge Shields Richaud confirmed this information and revealed that it is a comprehensive project designed not only to attract cultural tourism to Campeche, but it will also include shopping areas and world class beach facilities.

He explained that the announcement of tagged resources is great news, and although the project is still in a planning stage, it is foreseen as a new “Urban, Business, Tourist and Entertainment Facility”.

The official announcement will soon be made by Governor Fernando Eutimio Ortega Bernés, when resources are delivered, documents signed and greater details will be given,” Shields Richaud stated.

On April 2013 the original design sketches of both the dock and the so-called “Marina” were presented. Let’s wait to see how much the project will change from the original“. Shields Richaud concluded.

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