Published On: Thu, May 29th, 2014

Bullying, a Social Problem in Merida

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The coordinator of the “Safe School Program” of the Yucatán State Department of Education , Ana Luisa Cervera Chi, has reported that bullying is present in at least 40 public and private schools in Merida, at both the south and north sides of the city.
Bullying is already established as a social problem in most of the schools in Merida, but most cases are not reported. For the few that are, the identities of the parties involved are usually kept hidden by the media.
Chi Cervera declared that the State Department of Education has been receiving complaints of bullying from primary and secondary schools.  Parents of elementary school children are also concerned about this issue.
The official explained that complaints come mainly from schools in the South, West and East of Mérida, but there have also been cases from the north side of the city, where bullying has other features and is mainly against children who do not have the same social status or background.
In the cases in the north, bullied kids are ignored and rejected by the rest of the students, who spread offensive gossip about their social status and insult them through Facebook or other social networks.


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