Published On: Thu, May 22nd, 2014

British Photographer “Gandi” sets up shop in Campestre

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After almost 4 years of living in Merida, and almost 40 years as a professional art photographer, Gandi decided to lay some roots and open up a store to show off (and sell) his work to the public at large.

Originally from the United Kingdom, where his father worked for 35 years at Eastman-Kodak, it only seemed natural for Gandi to choose a life behind the lens.  He recalled to me about when his father came home from the office, if a new camera had been released, he was sure to be trying it out and bringing it home.  “Each year, after I was about 6 or 7 he used to bring home a new model camera…so I got into it.”

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Like most artists, Gandi gets his inspiration from his surroundings and the subjects that live within it.  “I’m trying to portray what I see as beautiful in the world…I’m aware of what I feel, but I think a lot about what others are going to feel…”  When asked about what has been his most inspirational location to have worked, hands down was Lake Tahoe.  “…it’s just a beautiful place,” he says with a smile on his face.  “I like old funky things that people don’t see in an everyday life situation.  I take unusual pictures; the sort of thing that people are going to say ‘Wow! Where is that?’ or ‘I’ve never seen one of those!’…”

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As a seasoned professional, he is constantly asking himself in his mind “Is there a subject that I haven’t done or shot?”  He finds that his latest material, of an abstract nature, has created quite a stir, “…particularly with the ladies…they like the abstract work.  I thought it was a very “male” subject, with the colors, but that’s not how it’s turned out to be.”

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“When you see something you are going to take, you get excited.  You then set up the camera…take some shots of the subject.  At that point in time when you are checking the playback on the camera, you generally know when that is going to be a nice picture.  The BIG excitement is getting it printed.”

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Gandi’s Photograhic Art is located in Col. Buenavista on Calle 38×21.  He has a large selection of his work available on framed canvas, and Limited Edition prints on High Grade photographic paper.  Patrons can come to enjoy the artwork, talk to the artist, or even commission him for work.  The gallery is open  Tuesday to Friday (10am-2pm, 4pm-8pm) and on Saturday (10am-2pm).

+52 999 279 3982

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