Published On: Fri, May 23rd, 2014

All Merida Residents should be concerned for the preservation of our National Heritage

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On Wednesday, May 21 at 7pm, the Pro-Rescate de la Iglesia de Monjas A.C. (Monjas Rescue Group) carried out a lecture in Spanish – “A look at the past of our colonial history” – to be given by Architecture Professor Dr Pablo A. Chico Ponce de Leon in the church (located on the corner of streets 63 and 64, Merida Centro).

After the lecture there an event to raise funds for the church, took place onsite, with a classical violin concert, a photographic exhibition, wine and snacks. The entrance fee was $250 pesos per person.


All funds generated by this event were donated for the emergency repairs of the “Monjas” building which real name is Templo Expiatorio de Nuestra Señora de la Consolación, and is turning 425 years old this year.


The Group cordially invited all Merida residents to participate in the preservation of our national heritage by supporting us in our efforts to save this historic building.


Una Jovanovic, one of the organisers wrote the following message on her facebook page:

Dear friends, at the event, we raised $16,710 pesos from tickets, wine and books (after expenses). Not a huge amount, I know, but it’s only our first event.

Once the word goes out we do nice events (here’s where you can all help!), let’s hope more people will come and support our cause next time!

This should buy another 20 large buckets of impermeabilizante. If anyone wishes to donate directly, or help with the forthcoming events in June, or has any ideas for fundraising, please let me know via Inbox.

The good thing is we got two newspaper articles already, three television interviews and more articles to come. The more noise we make, the harder it will be to ignore the plight of this 16th century colonial church.”




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