Published On: Tue, May 27th, 2014

Three Tropical Waves located West of the Caribbean could evolve into Cyclones

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Mexican meteorological authorities monitor the evolution of three tropical waves located on the Atlantic Ocean, west of the Caribbean Sea.

The first of these 3 weather phenomena is located north of Venezuela, the second one northeast off the coast of Brazil and the third still travels West over the Atlantic, said Roberto Alvarez Finch, director of Conagua’s “Organismo de Cuenca Península de Yucatán” (Watershed Organization of the Yucatan Peninsula).

According to forecasts, the tropical wave now located north of Venezuela, would position between Panama and Costa Rica by Wednesday May 28th, in the afternoon, and if it keeps moving in the same direction, it could reach Southern Mexico by Friday or Saturday, which would increase rainfall significantly over the Yucatan Peninsula.

In some cases, tropical waves can evolve into tropical cyclones, therefore authorities keep the evolution of these tropical waves under constant surveillance.


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