Published On: Mon, Apr 21st, 2014

The city of Cancun is celebrating 44 years of its foundation

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Cancun turned 44 years old and the entire city and its residents are celebrating  big time! From April 19th to the 27th, several events are being held for this memorable occasion.

In fact, the entire Mexican Caribbean is celebrating Cancun’s 44 birthday. And the best part is that everyone is invited to this great party!

44 years seems like little time, in comparison to the 300 or 400 years of other cities like Merida or Guadalajara, nonetheless Cancun’s extraordinary development has demonstrated the city’s great importance regarding economic growth and infrastructure to the rest of the nation.

Cancun 1970

Cancun 1970


As we all know, Cancun’s main economic activity is the tourism industry, managing to position itself as the number one beach destination not only in Mexico, but all over Latin America, highly sought by millions of tourists yearly.

The Cancun hotel zone has 26 kilometers of wonderful hotels, impressive white sand beaches and the natural turquoise blue color of the Caribbean Sea.


Cancun 1985


During the festivities, important personalities and key characters in Cancun will be awarded, for dedicating their lives and hard effort to construct the city in different sectors: from entrepreneurs, businessmen, and social workers, to strong independent women who’ve worked in favor of the development of Cancun.



Although, the transformation of coastal areas to be occupied by tourism is one of the serious problems which are not taken into account when planning the activity.

And Cancún is a paradigmatic model in which an explosive growth in tourists, residents and tourist buildings has led to the massive occupation of a coastal area historically and constantly affected by tropical storms and hurricanes.

The result is a clear increase in risk exposure and vulnerability. This space colonization by tourism and the impacts of hurricanes have a direct impact on the hotels and housing developments, which call into question the maintenance of tourism in the future.  



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