Published On: Thu, Apr 3rd, 2014

Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station Specialists will collaborate with Yucatan State Government

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As part of the strategic alliances to boost economic and scientific development of the State, Yucatecan researchers and Specialists from the University of Texas A & M will launch various projects of common interest focused on the proper use of groundwater, coastal dynamics , energy, logistics, education and early warnings.

Governor Rolando Zapata Bello met with members of the Texas A & M Engineering Experiment Station ( TEES ), who led by its director, Dimitris Lagoudas body , outlined the results achieved after six working sessions with their Yucatecan counterparts.

Zapata Bello recognized the importance of interacting and working together to formalize these actions , since one of the main goals of his administration is to boost the state economy based on higher education and innovation.

He underlined that Yucatan is the state with the highest level of security in the country and with more scientific researchers in the Southeast region, and that these features allow the territory to have the proper environment for the development of areas of opportunity to attract future investments.


Governor Rolando Zapata with Texas A & M representatives

Texas A & M specialists  also presented to Yucatecan authorities proposals to create an Institute to study the Chicxulub Crater and a Laboratory to study the corrosion and the impact of salt on the cement structures along the state coast.

While providing details of these results, Zenon Medina, Professor of Civil Engineering of the University of Yucatan, said in relation to the groundwater situation, two projects will be developed to analyze the hydrological dynamics of the entity and its dimension, in addition to a constant monitoring of water quality.

There will be two working strategies regarding coast conservation: interaction between groundwater and population; and beaches formation and conservation. While talking about “early warnings”, researchers will seek for indicators that will help to anticipate and prevent risks for the coastal and rural sectors.

Speaking about energy, Texas A & M specialists are keen to explore different types such as wind and solar, in addition, they propose the creation of jobs, the generation of energy for homes of people with limited resources and highlighted the importance of taking advantage of the geological formation Yucatan, which according to specialists, is similar to the geological formation of Texas.

On the issue of logistics , projects will be focused on assess and study of natural resources, but also on markets and connectivity in the state to attract investment, manufacturing plants and suppliers; in this sense, the formation of a consortium is planned, to present results and get feedback from employers.

In Education, Yucatecan students will be able to go to the University of Texas A & M, where English courses  will prepare them for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and they will be considered to work on projects that will allow them access to master’s and postgraduate degrees.

During their visit to Yucatán , Texas A & M researchers visited the Science and Technology Park , the Docks of Progreso and the Archaeological site of Dzibilchaltún.

The event was attended by the State Secretary of Education Raul Godoy Montañez ; the head of the Office of the Governor , Eric Rubio Barthell ; and director of the Council for Science , Innovation and Technology Planning ( CONCIYTEY ) Tomas Gonzalez Estrada.

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