Published On: Wed, Apr 2nd, 2014

“Selfie for Cancun” Campaign: Real Fun Testimonials

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The Convention and Visitors Bureau of Cancun,  Quintana Roo and the company McBravos launched the tourism promotion campaign known as “Selfie for Cancun”.

According to ‘a typical selfie is a person holding the camera or mobile device throughout his arm, aiming at himself.  The photo includes a partial view of the photographer’s arm, leaving no doubt that it is a self-portrait ‘.

This campaign aims at the creation and viral dissemination of real testimonials from tourists while enjoying their vacation and attractive destinations.


McBravos, a Cancun based Online Marketing company, created an application, now available on App Store, with which you can take pictures and add the Cancun watermark, to be shared on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest Whatsapp, etc.


This application is available in the App Store and will be available for Android devices in two more weeks.

It is estimated that this application, which is free, could generate 450 million annual impacts.

If 5% of the Cancun population (50,000 approximately) publish one “Selfie” a day, we could be generating 22.5 million daily impacts, and if the same percentage is achieved among tourists, it could generate a record figure of 450 million annual impacts worldwide .” declared a McBravos spokesperson.

OVC Cancun and McBravos also came up with the hashtag:  #SelfiePorCancún



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