Published On: Sun, Apr 6th, 2014

“Riviera Yucatán” project taking shape in Telchac Puerto

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The Mayor of Telchac Puerto, Jose Humberto Ramirez Marrufo, declared that his great interest in attracting visitors to this beautiful seaside village was finally rewarded last week when officials from the National Fund for Tourism Development (Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo al Turismo “FONATUR”), visited Telchac and allegedly announced plans to develop the long expected “Yucatan Riviera”.

Cheerful and excited by the visit of the envoys of Fonatur, the Mayor stated that Telchac Puerto is already considered as part of the plans of this Federal Tourism Development Agency and results are expected in the medium term.

As a first step, Marrufo Ramirez commissioned an urban revitalization project to the Universtiy of Yucatan School of Architecture (Facultad de Arquitectura de la UADY), and the first proposals for this project were presented last week.

Marrufo Ramirez arrived at the  Universtiy of Yucatan School of Architecture with his collaborator Filiberto Chan Ku for the presentation of the first model of this project that will revitalize the urban image of Telchac Puerto.


Marrufo Ramirez underlined that Progreso and Telchac are already part of a metropolitan area and that is why Fonatur is considering them as part of a comprehensive plan that will bring new infrastructure to this coastal tourist corridor now known as the “Yucatan Riviera”.

Telchac is an alternate seaside location nearby Progreso,” he said . ” Progreso has an industrial park and infrastructure for international tourism , but we have the tranquility and beauty of our beaches,  the hospitality of our people and the services that we provide, attracting more thant 18,000 visitors every year during the holiday seasons and a number of Canadian and American retired senior citizens that own property and actually live six months of the year in Telchac Puerto” .

Ramirez Marrufo stated that the developing of the “Yucatan Riviera” Project is very viable, and that is why FONATUR sent a team of experts from their Department of Strategic Projects. ” The fact that we draw the attention of Fonatur is a great achievement, and a very big step ,” he reiterated .

Maritza Eljure Fajardo Professor of the School of Architecture of the University of Yucatan, who designed the  urban improvement draft along with a group of students, said the recovery plan includes: beach rearrangement, commercial areas, palapas, restrooms, a new boardwalk , fishing minibridge, landscaping, streets redesign, modernization of the “Malecón”, flowerbeds in the main plaza with gardens and a linear corridor with palm trees; a parking lot , museums and recreational areas where tourists and locals will be able to relax or play chess and the idea is to hold massive chess tournaments.

And in fact,  the first Marine Museum in the State of Yucatán was officially opened on Sunday April 6, 2014, at Telchac Puerto, featuring the exhibition of a wide variety of endemic species such as snails, starfish and urchins, also fossils, minerals and unique images of hurricanes ” Gilberto ” and ” Isidoro” as well as samples of other natural marine species of this beautiful port.

Mayor Humberto Marrufo  Ramírez cutting the ribbon at the Museum of Sea and Water inauguration

Mayor Humberto Marrufo Ramírez cutting the ribbon at the Museum of Sea and Water inauguration

Luis Vela Basora , CEO of the Mexico Museum Foundation of the Sea A.C (Fundación Museo del Mar México A.C), thanked Mayor Mr. Humberto Marrufo  Ramirez for his administration support and commitment to achieve this important project for the port of Telchac. Vela Basora declared that ” This is only the basis of something that is going to be very big and people will feel very proud of this museum as an important part of their community .”

Vela Basora commented that this type of museum is new to the country, that there are not many marine museums in Mexico, and that Telchac is a pioneer in this type of project that has a lot to do with education and research in the State of Yucatan.

Visitors at the Museum of Sea and Water, Telchac Puerto, Yucatan

Visitors at the Museum of Sea and Water, Telchac Puerto, Yucatan

Mayor Humberto Marrufo Ramirez said he was very happy and proud of this achievement which involved time, effort , dedication and surely the museum will be something of great importance for the port.

The museum of the sea, brand new attraction of Telchac sure worth a visit and is located in the main harbor boardwalk. It will be open daily and admission is free


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