Published On: Tue, Apr 8th, 2014

Quinta Montes Molina, Historic Landmark on Paseo de Montejo

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Built by Italian architects and craftsmen who arrived in Mérida to construct the José Peón Contreras Theater and Opera House in 1906, “La Quinta  Montes Molina”,  formerly known as “Villa Beatriz,” was owned by Mr. Aureliano Portuondo y Barceló, a Cuban businessman who lived in Yucatán for many years before returning to his native island.

It is said that Mr. Portuondo arrived in Mérida to invest in the Henequén business, but during his stay he fell in love and married Doña Josefa de Regil y Cásares.


In time, however, the economic and political situation in the country prompted Don Aurelio to sell the mansion; this is how Mr. Avelino Montes Linaje, a Spanish banker and hacendado (landed gentry) acquired the property.

He married María Molina Figueroa, daughter of the illustrious engineer Olegario Molina Solís,  Governor of Yucatán from 1900 to 1906, during the Porfiriato era (1876–1910) and his wife, Mrs. Dolores Figueroa.

familia montes solis

Don Avelino always respected the integrity of the architecture of this majestic home, enriching it only with the expansion of the terraces and the bedrooms.


At the time of his death, his daughter Josefina Montes Molina inherited the residence and in the memory of her parents she left it untouched.


By today’s standards, both the mansion and the furniture remain in excellent conditions.


It was not until 2003, when the residence became the “Quinta Montes Molina.”


It is open to the public as a musueum and it is also available as a venue for social, entertainment, cultural and business events.

The conservation of the building, the furniture, ceilngs, floors, gardens and its neoclassical architecture makes “La Quinta Montes Molina” one of the most original landmarks of the beautiful Paseo de Montejo.

Today, you can rent the location for wedding parties, banquets, cocktails or even concerts. It can hold up to 1,200 people seating or 1,700 in a cocktail party or music concert.


Groups such as “Air Supply” and “The Alan Parsons Project” have performed at the Quinta Montes Molina in front of thousands of fans.

You can also book the main dining room of the house, for a luxury gourmet breakfast, lunch or dinner for up to 14 people.

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