Published On: Mon, Apr 28th, 2014

NORDIKA: Scandinavian Design Center in Mexico

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NORDIKA is the only Scandinavian Furniture Design Center in Mexico.  Advertorial

Based in Guadalajara for 13 years, Nordika Scandinavian Furniture has now established a store and a showroom in Mérida, where shoppers can browse the variety of styles and models on display. Or they can visit Nordika’s website and shop online, choosing colors, styles, and models from the comfort of their own home.

To ensure quality, Nordika works only with the finest Scandinavian manufacturers, guaranteeing consistent quality and fine finish. Using only the most talented designers in the world, Nordika provides functional, aesthetic designs with a modern Scandinavian look.

NORDIKA 100% Scandinavian Look

NORDIKA 100% Scandinavian Look

Nordika employs a team of design professionals that can help you realize your project with personal attention, making sure that the acquisition process becomes a pleasant and satisfying experience. But selling you a great product is only part of the transaction. Nordika provides their customers personalized and professional assistance.

Furniture for Children
In the 1950s, Kristian Vedel’s designs introduced the concept of “before and after” for children’s furniture. Instead of creating “miniature adult furniture” the Danish designer created a chair that serves the child throughout its development and beyond, even into adulthood. April is International Children’s Month, making this the ideal time to consider a gift of Vedel-designed furniture. Visit website for a closer look at Vedel´s work.

Get everything you need to start your new life in your new home. At Nordika you can create a list of gifts for that special day. How about setting up an entire room with sofa, chairs and carpet in your deck or terrace? Nordika has the perfect all-weather furniture for outdoor living in all seasons.

Normann Copenhagen, the Danish brand, has just announced a new line for 2014, while still faithful to their aesthetic values. Normann Copenhagen is known for its handcrafted quality, making each design important, functional and durable.

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Normann Copenhagen, functional and durable design

The new collection includes a unique selection of lamps, a set of soft textiles, as well as a number of accessories featuring the colors and spirit of the season.

All of these new products are now available at Nordika. Please visit our website for descriptions, prices and more.

On this Día del Niño Nordika presents super trendy , fun and beautiful designs. Check out these Kids Scandinavian designs:

Lulu Crib
In 1963 , the Danish designer Nanna Ditzel came up with a brilliant new design for a crib, and it soon became the foremost example of the successful mix of modern and traditional craft. The Lulu Crib was used for all the designer’s grandchildren, as proof of their resilience and adaptability to different spaces.

The cabinet comes with a cushion made of waterproof material (called kapok ), hypoallergenic, perfect for a baby to enjoy comfortable and dry surroundings. As one would expect, the design focuses first of all on security, in addition to its practical features, such as conveniently placed handles that let you carry the crib anywhere.


Lulu Crib

Children’s Little “Nobody” chair
Komplot designers created this industrial chair made with recycled materials, thinking small. The creation process is a single step: the philosophy of the simple and lightweight. The technique was inspired by manufacturing processes used in the automotive industry, where parts are manufactured under pressure, without glue, nails, screws or any other method to bind them together.

Little Nobody chair is sustainable, functional and fun. It is made from recycled PET bottles. There is no doubt that sustainable culture can give great results in terms of design and is consistent at any stage of life.


Children’s Little “Nobody” chair

Children Bau lamp
One of our favorites from Normann Copenhagen. This piece was designed with children in mind, highlighting the importance of dynamism, color and shapes. And it also works perfectly for adults. Think of it as the perfect Children’s Day gift, while also satisfying the tastes and needs of adults. The Bau lamp reminds us that bright colors and playful shapes are something we can enjoy for a lifetime.


Children Bau lamp

In Nordika, we have the best designs, not only for Children’s Day but for the whole year as well. We invite you to visit our webshop to keep you up to date on our merchandise. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for news and specials all year round.

Anniversary Event

On Thursday May 8th, Nordika will celebrate its First Anniversary in the City of Mérida with a Magnificent Event at their Showroom, located at Calle 22 #46 x 5 y 7, CP. 97139, Col. San Antonio Cinta, Mérida, Yucatán.

If you would like to attend this event, just click on the following link and leave your name and email. You can even invite up to 4 friends. By attending you participate in a raffle and the chance to win a $15,000 pesos Nordika gift certificate.  See you there!

Nordika Contact Information:

  • Manager: Jan Marco Christiansen.
  • Adress: Calle 22 #46 x 5 y 7, CP. 97139, Col. San Antonio Cinta, Mérida, Yucatán, México
  • Email:
  • Phone: 944-16-27


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