Published On: Tue, Apr 8th, 2014

National and International Companies are interested in generating renewable energy in Yucatan

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Yucatan will formally open up to renewable energy generation with the company “Vive Energía” that will install the first wind power company in the state with the permission from the “Environmental Impact Manifest” (Manifiesto de Impacto Ambiental / MIA).

The Secretary for Economic Development, David Alpizar Carrillo, reported that there are seven national and international companies interested in the project. They have received applications from companies from Spain, United States and Canada.

They have already three proposals for wind energy and four proposals for photovoltaic energy, that is energy obtained from solar panels.

He added that for wind power generation, the coasts are the ideal place for these to be installed, since the energy can be obtained from the constant wind that blows in the region.


When it comes to solar energy, Yucatán is absolutely perfect, since this type of energy can be generated practically across the whole geographic area of the state.

He recalled that there is an enormous potential for development, although it has some limitations regarding the distribution lines of the Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE) and also the connection spots.
Alpizar Carillo noted that for the state of Yucatan an advantage is that the nights are not very cold, this means that the panels do not loose a lot of heat at nighttime and another advantage is that the region has a perfect combination of solar radiation with warm climate, which gives a lot of stability and excellent working conditions to these companies.



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