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My Trip To Chiapas (Part 1)

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It was 5 in the morning when the alarm on my cellphone rang, it was still dark and I didn’t want to wake up yet, nevertheless I woke up, took a shower and had a great breakfast, I knew that I had quite a trip ahed of me in some hours as i was about to take a van with my classmates to Chiapas the so called “El estado mas bello de Mexico” (The most beautiful state in Mexico). As I arrived to the university I could see the fine morning mist still waiting to be dissipated by the radiant sun of Merida.

Me and my classmates departed to the first of many destinations, Palenque, the bus that we took was very uncomfortable to say the least, I was trying very hard to sleep to compensate for the lost hours, as I had gone out with my friends the day before to a bar, very irresponsible of my behalf because not only didn’t I sleep enough but I had forgot to make my backpack. After some hours talking to some friends and listening to my ipod and many unsuccessful attempts on trying to sleep, we finally arrived to the great Maya city of king Pakal.


Before I continue on telling my story I should probably tell you that,I was very excited as it was in fact my first time visiting Chiapas. I know, many of you will be wondering why if I live “relatively” close to this beautiful state, haven’t I visited before? Well, to be honest I´m a little ashamed to tell you guys that, I haven’t visited my country at all, I know more states and cities of the US that of my own country. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every time that I´ve been there, but nonetheless a backpacking trip on my country is one of my goals in life. I deviated a lot from the story now and for that i apologize I just wanted you to know so you are prepared if i sound a little over excited.

Anyway the first thing we did as we arrived was to check-in in the hotel, and man, was it humid. if you think the humidity in Merida is bad, oh boy, just go to Palenque in a sunny day and you´ll experience first hand the expression “sweating like a pig”, most of the girls that I was with started to complain telling the teacher that they wanted to shower first, and waste more time in the process, luckily the teacher refused and we ate at this restaurant that was next to the hotel. The food was not bad, but not great either.

As a side note, one of the things that impressed me the most was the contrast of classes that Chiapas has amongst its population. For example, in the same street of the hotels and the restaurants there was a bridge that connected one part of the city with the “touristic zone”, only counted times in my life and in movies had I seen the inequality of classes of this magnitude. On the touristic zone of the bridge as you may expect everything was very nice, clean and it was filled with happy tourists, but in the other side of the bridge, you could see houses made of cardboard, plastic and wood that were barely standing next to this creek that, I´m supposing was as dirty as the Ganges river in India.

You may think that I´m exaggerating, well to all those people in my own perspective I do believe that it was a very accurate description. Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to take a picture of it because the security staff in the hotel told me that it was not very safe to go wander when the night started to approach, let alone take my camera for some pictures.

Just as we finished eating , we head straight to the archeological zone of Palenque. As we paid the fee and we entered, I couldn’t help noticing the amount of tourists that were in the place, primarily French,and many other nationalities. The guide that was appointed to us told us that we were only going to see the main buildings because great part of the city was engulfed by the jungle after many years of neglect.

I´m a hobby photographer and I made sure that I took many pictures of the place that I´m now very happy to share with you, hope you enjoy them as much as I do, please take in count that I´M NOT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER IN ANY WAY, I just love to take pictures to capture the moment. I was absolutely amazed, many of the constructions that were standing had more than 500 hundred years! The one question that remained in my head the entire trip was, who exactly was Pakal? the theory that baffled me the most was, the one proposed by Tarade and Millou of the “Maya Astronaut” that explained that the tomb stone found in the temple was actually the depiction of a spaceship that shows cables, a computer and some sort of matrix like device that was plugged in the head of the pilot, giving credit to the theory of “The ancient astronauts” yes, like the show on the History channel with this guy.

 Aliens meme

 After the excursion ended, we went back to the hotel, I was covered in sweat so, as soon as me and a friend got to the hotel room, I changed and went for a quick dip in the pool. The water was perfect, and after swimming a little, I befriended a very nice French couple that was on their vacation. I got to practice my French a little and after two beers, a cigarette and a very interesting conversation with my new acquaintances, they said good bye and went back to their room. I paid for the beers, and returned to my room to take a shower and to put on clean clothes, as we were going out to have some dinner and to walk around town.

20 minutes later me and the two friends that I was sharing the room with, went out with the girls to town. We started walking the main avenue, and we noticed the nightlife of the people of Palenque. The street was full of shops that sold various goods, raging from neckless and shirts, to boots and leather goods such as wallets, belts, etc. After we toured for a while, the teacher called us and told us to go to a restaurant called “Ambar” if i recall correctly. The restaurant was kind of hippie, with mayan and indian decoration, I had a “pepito” that is sort of a sandwich with beef, and a beer. After we paid the bill we went back to the hotel as, a long and exciting day was ahead of us the following morning.


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By Jonathan Chim Barroeta.

  • 7th semester Student of Touristic Enterprises
  • Universidad Marista
  • Mérida, Yucatán

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