Published On: Tue, Apr 1st, 2014

“La Esmeralda” – come eat lunch at UVM!

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MÉRIDA, YUCATÁN – Maybe you visited “Chaud Devant”, last semester’s ‘project’ restaurant at the UVM in Mérida? If you missed it, or if you visited and enjoyed it, now is your chance to try “La Esmeralda” – the newest concept by the students of the Glion hotel school.

During their 4th semester, student teams of four to five people compete for the grand prize; namely to develop their concept into an actual restaurant, which they will run for one month. The winning students are responsible for everything, from developing the concept, to food preparation, service, and managing the restaurant.

Esmeralda 2

The restaurant caters mainly to the campus, however is also open to the public from Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4pm, from now until April 11.

All smiles in the open kitchen!

Menu offerings include appetizers of Guacamole ($35 pesos) and crisp mini flautas ($29 pesos) while main dish offerings such as fajitas ($49 pesos), enchiladas with green or red sauce ($38 pesos) or on the lighter side chicken Caesar Salad ($35 pesos) provide a satisfying lunch. If you have a sweet tooth, the brownies ($22 pesos) or excellent queso Napolitano ($25 pesos) may be just the thing. Coffee, juices and sodas run from $13 – $19 pesos.

Enchiladas with red sauce

Enchiladas with red sauce

Esmeralda 3

Quesadilla a la Esmeralda

Quesadilla a la Esmeralda

Queso Napolitano

Queso Napolitano

If you fancy trying this ‘pop-up’ concept, come along and support the friendly students at La Esmeralda; they’ll be happy to practice their English with you, and will greet you with a smile. But don’t delay! The restaurant will close on April 11.

La Esmeralda menu

La Esmeralda menu

La Esmeralda at UVM Glion

To reach UVM, head north on the highway towards Progreso, and shortly after passing the periferico,  take the Dzitya exit, make a u turn, and head back towards Merida. You will see UVM on the right. Enter through the gates, park, and then walk back to the Glion building, which is right next to the gate. Visit for more information.

Esmeralda 1

By Stewart Mandy

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Stewart Mandy

Stewart Mandy


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  1. This is the last week for Esmeralda before the students get back to their classroom work. They will all be writing reports on what they learned and what would they do differently if the restaurant was open longer. Friday will be a big buffet. The next restaurant project will be in the Fall of 2014. Looking forward to seeing what the next set of students bring to table.

  2. Gringo51 says:

    Finally directions to the good eats. So many scrumptious, enticing restaurant reports but no addresses.
    thank you.

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