Published On: Thu, Apr 10th, 2014

It was hell in Uman

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A major fire occurred on Wednesday April 9, in Colonia San Francisco, located in the Municipality of Uman, just 5 miles from Mérida, Yucatán.

Law enforcement , civil protection , military, Red Cross and other governmental and non governmental agencies attended the site to protect the population in that municipality that was in jeopardy due to the proximity of Pemex and CFE facilities.

The mobilization included about 400 people including firefighters, state and municipal police , elements of the Red Cross and Rescue Services of the city of Merida, among others, who battled the fire from one in the afternoon, and 10 hours later they were still trying to control the flames.



According to the information gathered at the scene, the fire started outside the grounds of the Yucatan Plastics S.A plant (PYUSA), where unidentified individuals were burning tires. It quickly spread due to the strong winds brought by cold front number 49 to the Yucatan Peninsula, and around one in the afternoon Uman neighbors reported the fire to the local Fire Department.

The plant, which covers an area of ​​over 500 square meters, was totally burnt and the residents of nearby houses had to be evacuated. The fire actually melted and consumed power lines of the CFE , forcing the city authorities to disconnect the electricity supply of a whole Sector which involves numerous colonies of Uman.



At 7 pm, the Army deployed a backup plan around the perimeter and in the evacuated area to avoid looting, minutes later, they were joined by agents of the State Attorney’s Office and the State Police.

The fire was threatening to reach the PEMEX oil pipelines nearby, but fortunatelly for the people of Uman, the Fire Department, Police and Army were able to control the situation before it could turn into a real disaster.

Mr. José Luis Gómez Barba , owner of Plastics Yucatan S.A, was at the site of the fire, but refused to talk to the media.


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