Published On: Sat, Apr 19th, 2014

How rich are the Baby Boomers and how Poor are their Children? (Watch Video)

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David Willetts MP
Chair: Professor John Hills
Event recorded on 16 February 2010 in Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House.

David Willetts will analyse the distribution of income and wealth between different generations in Britain.

He will investigate why the baby boomer generation have done particularly well for both income and wealth.

He will then look at why the younger generation face much less favourable economic circumstances.

Opinions and comments from You Tube:

Avonne Camille: You have to give it to the baby boomers. They sure do know how to ruin things. They ruin the economy, environment and educational system.
Mr Killswitch88: The Boomers are just master manipulators and unforgiving hypocrites, they can’t stand to look at us because they see themselves in us when we are at our worst. They are stuck in the years they came of age when jobs were handed out like candy when all one had to do was get off the ass. Look at the economy now and see that it won’t be long before it all burns down to the foundations.
Charles Spicer:  The most selfish people who have all this B.S. about caring and sharing but care more about one single irrelevant possession than their children.
Fartblast Supercracker: The boomers allowed themselves to be hijacked with promises of high living and lofty morals when the actual opposite proved true.  When called on this, back in the day while it was still possible to change course, they were very flippant and acted as indignant as having been insulted in a particularily vile manner. Soon, they will be dependant on the charity and good will of those they screwed over back then.
Crypter27: The boomers are out of touch with todays economy as well,they call us gen Y’s lazy and dont want to work even though we’re living in an economy that resembles Iraq after a bombing, they still believe we’re still living in economic prosperity like it was in the 60s and 70s when jobs paid well and were plentiful. They’re dillusional, trust me I know people who are baby boomers and they’re so removed from reality its scary.
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