Published On: Wed, Apr 23rd, 2014

Explore Yucatan through its language

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Newcomers to Yucatan quickly learn the limited value of Spanish learned in class. The Modern Yucatan Dictionary is a lighthearted catalog of today’s lingo from the benign to the profane, explained with humor and insight.

For example, the word queso means cheese. But the word can also get you into a lot of trouble. Picking up on slang like güey can put you on the outs in modern society, too, even if all the kids are saying it. If you already live in Merida, you have probably been to Escosham and Estarbuk. You might just don’t know it. Words like tuch, xic, mulix, samaare, and uay are used in everyday speech, baffling newcomers, but absolutely normal here. The Modern Yucatan Dictionary will explain it all.

At times outrageous, this no-holds-barred work runs the gamut, from everyday vocabulary to the vulgar slang that will go right over the head of anyone whose Spanish isn’t specifically Yucatecan.


Modern Yucatan Dictionary by Hamaca Press

This is the fifth edition of a work that Canadian author Ralf Hollmann has been compiling for several years. This edition adds even more definitions, many illustrated by Douglas Greenwood, who like Hollmann, is an expat living in Merida, Yucatan.

Enjoy learning to understand and communicate in Yucatecan Spanish like a true Yucatecan as you discover the unique, entertaining and occasionally rude terminology unique to the area.

About the author
Ralf Hollmann is a Canadian freelance writer and travel consultant, living in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula for over 25 years. One of Merida’s first bloggers, Ralf has also written for Yucatan Today and Yucatan Living and is a TripAdvisor Destination Expert on the area. Ralf’s domestic and professional experiences in Yucatan, combined with his acute gifts for observing both language and culture, inform this unique and opinionated work.

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