Published On: Fri, Apr 25th, 2014

Controversial Website of “Sexting Samples” Shocks The Local Community

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Anyone with an internet access can visit the website where controversial pictures of naked people of several localities in the state of Yucatan such as Peto, Tekax or San Felipe (just to name a few), can be seen posing and having sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately it does not end there, as personal information like names, places of work, addresses, Facebook profiles and even cellphone numbers are being made public on this website.

The people featured in these photographs  (male and female), are mostly young, in their teens or mid 20s.

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The individual that goes by the nickname of LOKO9999 is the supposedly intellectual author, webmaster and most likely the owner of this website.

His attempts to hide his true identity have proven so far to be successful, as no one knows who this person really is. The department of Internet Security of the State of Yucatan is “searching” for this subject.

Obviously the pictures are uploaded without the consent of the people involved. Most of the images on this website look like they’ve been taken with a cellphone.

For the last couple of years and due to the increase in mobile technology a new form of texting called “Sexting” has emerged, it consists of individuals, taking compromising pictures of themselves and sending the photos to his or her partner through a mobile device.

Now, this has obvious negative consequences for the persons involved if the photo is “accidentally” leaked of shared. There has been many campaigns, even in internationally recognized TV networks like MTV that are trying to prevent this sort of behavior from happening.


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Although, is not exactly known how LOKO9999 acquires the pictures, it is believed that his MO is that of a receiver, so when people had a bad break up or is looking for revenge in the most cowardly way, they send the samples to this person through the contact form on his website and he only uploads them with all their personal information.

Despite recent legal denounces against the administrator of the website for the past two months, no real advances on the case have been made.

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