Published On: Wed, Apr 23rd, 2014

Campeche’s Baseball Team player accused of sexual harassment

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On tour away “The Pirates” of Campeche not only brought its first successful series, as they were involved in a spelled for alleged corruption of minors, since the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Aguascalientes, opened an investigation against one of their players.

The Press Officer for the Aguascalientes State Attorney Agustín Vallejo, reported to the media that relatives of a minor fan of American origin, filed a complaint against a player of the Mexican Baseball League for having harassed her when she was looking for another player.

According to the version of the prosecution, the events took place on Saturday April 19 in Aguascalientes, after the game between Rieleros and Pirates, where the affected talked on the phone with one of the players named Abel, with whom she would meet after the game.

When the young lady arrived at the rendezvous, she was received by two other players which she did not know, one with brown beard that was sitting on the bed, while the other player that opened the door had a black beard. She asked by name for the person she was waiting to see, when they told her that he was not there, the man with the black beard jumped over her and tried to take her blouse off by force attempting to touch her, the girl started screaming scared and calling for help, this annoyed the assailant so he threw her out of the room.

The names of these two players had not been made public by the Piratas de Campeche Board of Directors.

The Pirates manager Jorge Fuentes, assured that he ignored the complaint and quickly left the interview with the media. “I do not know what happened, so far I know nothing” finished Jorge Fuentes.


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