Published On: Tue, Apr 8th, 2014

Birdwatching, a source of Tourism Development for Valladolid

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Valladolid college students recently graduated  in Tourism Development from the University of East (Universidad del Oriente), unveiled a plan called ” Community tourism with birdwatching or Aveturismo”  (Ave=Bird / Turismo=Tourism) .

Jose Ismael Arellano Ciau , Sandra Lucelly Canché Balam , Angel Fernando Castillo Cimé, Martha Elizabeth Can Noh and Michelangelo Nahuat Tun, say the project consists in attracting tourists to the indigenous communities, so, besides the birdwatching, the visitors can get to know the way of life of Yucatecan rural families.

Most of these students are working in hotels and restaurants, where they can pick up customers, offer them the tour and take them to the location.

The main point is Dzodzilichén between Tesoco and Tahmuy . In this location these students take the tourists into the forest, walking on trails  made by themselves, and providing the visitors ​​with binoculars to watch the birds.

Obviously, most of these travelers carry photographic equipment.

As locals that have studied the endemic species, the students know the features, behavior and whistles of at least 250 of the 435 species of birds in the area, so they are totally capable to provide accurate information and answer questions related to these animals.

As we mentioned before, an important part of the tour is the interaction with local families, where the tourists can play with the children, taste the food that is kindly offered, and in this manner, the visitors can get to know what daily life is like in these rural areas of the State of Yucatán.

They also have other routes in which tourists are taken to cenotes after the birdwatching session.

These enthusiastic students met with Mario Cardenas Peniche , Director of Tourism of the State Government, to ask for resources for their program.

They need a van to move the people, but ran into a bureocratic wall, when they were told that they need special license plates for tourist transportation, and other requirements that turn the situation more and more complicated.

Peniche Cardenas asked them to present a well crafted project, in order to make a formal petition asking for the state government’s help, as there are many state agencies and federal programs where this intiative could be included.

These young recently graduated college students want to constitute themselves as a legal company, but the government is charging them $10,000 pesos for the procedure and they do not have that amount of money, so that’s why they require support.



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