Published On: Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014

An average of 3,000 visitors arrive to Valladolid everyday during Semana Santa

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More than 3,000 national and foreign tourists arrive every day to Valladolid, leaving a significant economic benefit.

“The number of visitors is expected to increase during this last week of Easter holiday vacation period,” says Noé Rodriguez Cervera, head of the Department of Tourism in Valladolid.

700 hotel rooms are available in the city, and last week there was an occupation of 75% due to the “Semana Santa” and the ACO football championship that took place in this city.

Rodríguez Cervera stated that an average of 3,000 tourists arrive every day to Valladolid, they come in buses, vans and cars. Those arriving in private vehicles usually sleepover and by consuming food and beverages, they leave a greater economic benefit.

“During Easter week, the hotel occupation could reach 90% and even 100% on the weekend, he declared.

It is common to see tourist groups walking along the historic Downtown, Catholic churches and the City Hall.

Rodríguez Cervera concluded that taking into account that each tourist spends on average of $300 pesos per day in food, beverages, arts and crafts, the economic impact would of be approximately one million pesos.



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