Published On: Fri, Apr 25th, 2014

Alleged Mismanagement of Resources by the Secretary of Tourism Promotion

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ON Wednesday April 23, 2014, the Mexican Chamber of Hotels of Yucatan reported an alleged case of resources mismanagement by the Secretary of Tourism Promotion (SEFOTUR) specifically in the lodging tax that Yucatecan hoteliers contribute annually, amounting 21 million pesos, having as result a crisis in this sector due to the poor actions that have been made by the SEFOTUR
The hotelier leader and owner of the Victoria Hotel on Paseo de Montejo, Ricardo Dájer Nahum said that more than 21 million pesos were paid to a company in Mexico City last year, for campaigns to promote the tourism in Yucatan nationwide, but no favorable results have been obtained by this sector.
The hotelier leader Ricardo Dájer Nahum (Photo by

Hotelier leader Ricardo Dájer Nahum (Photo by

Dájer accused the Secretary of Tourism Promotion, Saul Ancona Salazar, of giving resources that belong to the State Tourism Promotion Trust to an advertising company called MPG through a public tender in a “peculiar” way, leaving out the participation of other companies.

At a press conference Dajer Nahum warned that the results of that advertising campaign to promote tourism have been totally negative for the industry in Yucatan, since a deficit of 10% in income per stay was reported in 2013, recording an average occupancy of only 47% that year.
This situation, has led to 56 hotels, out of 450 in the state,  declared for sale with a total of 1,475 rooms, demonstrating that the hotel industry in Yucatán is no longer a profitable business.
Dájer also stated that he can demonstrate Ancona Salazar used a million pesos from the same trust to buy 113 air tickets for representatives of agencies that participated as wholesalers in the tourism fair Ki Huic 2013, however, only 69 tickets were purchased.
The State Government declared in response that they will monitor this situation, confirming its commitment to a policy of openness and transparency.
However, one day later, on Thursday April 24th, 2014,  a group of 67 businessman representing  the Tourism Industry of the State of Yucatán published the following letter on “Diario de Yucatán” supporting the actions of the Secretary of Tourism Promotion.

Letter sent to Governor Rolando Zapata Bello

To the Public Opinion:

Businessmen from the Tourism Industry in Mérida: hoteliers, travel agents, tourist service providers, restaurant owners and other enterpreneurs interested in the economic development of the State of Yucatan through tourism activites, that have become the foundation for the support of our families, present our position in relation with the negative campaign that is being implemented against the Secretary of Tourism Promotion, and is significantly affecting the image of our State and the industry itself.

1) This sistematic criticism seriously harms the image of Mérida as a Travel Destination, fosters suspicion that only damages the positioning of Yucatan and inhibits the investment and expansion plans of new companies, seriously affecting the development of our State.

2) Impairs the work of the private sector in conjunction with the State Government. Work that has been carried out in a serious and responsible manner with the airlines, in order to achieve greater connectivity for Merida, and so this kind of announcements are  very harmful, especially since airlines are highly susceptible to this type of negative news.

3) We strongly condemn the fact that intrigue is being used to satisfy personal interests pressing with media campaigns and exhibition of entirely administrative matters to attack institutions, affecting the tourist activity that we are leading together towards better horizons with great effort.

As Business people we feel that our voices have been heard and taken into consideration by the State authorities like never before.

Yucatan has been included in International Tourism Campaigns for the first time in its history, and more lately our city has been considered as an ideal venue to host World Class Grand Tourism Events.

We feel that it is unfair that a minority is trying to create confusion and division in the Tourism Sector and we are concerned about political and personal interests destroying what we have been able to construct so far.

We generate 5,100 direct and 7.650 indirect jobs in the State of Yucatán, and we have promoted new investments that benefit Mérida as a tourist destination.

This letter was signed by 67 businessmen from the state of Yucatán.


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