Published On: Mon, Apr 28th, 2014

20 fires were reported in the State of Yucatán during the weekend

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Two large fires, one in Merida and another in the village of Tekat, located 20km Northeast of Mérida, in the Municipality of Mocochá generated the mobilization of Civil Protection, Fire Department and Agents of the State, Federal and Municipal Police Forces.

The strongest fire occurred in Villas Magna del Sur in the Southern part of Merida, where Civil Protection staff evacuated 20 families due to the hazardous exposure to smoke.


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The fire started in a vacant lot on Calle 147 with 46- B and spread to other empty lots nearby. Firefighters, police and Civil Protection arrived to the scene, where heavy smoke was causing serious respiratory problems to the residents.

Rubén Cetina Cel, who lives in the neighbourhood said that the smoke and heat were unbearable, ” It felt like we were at 50 or 60 degrees Celsius.”

His wife Alejandra Ruz said that the Municipality should force owners to clean their lots, because fires can start at any moment, and it is very dangerous for the population. “There are many of these vacant lots all over the place.”

At one in the afternoon, a fire in the village of Tekat, located 20km Northeast of Mérida, in the Municipality of Mocochá, mobilized firefighters, Municipal and State Civil Protection, and Police officers. The incident took place in a lot located on the road between Tekat and Mocochá. The road was closed for several hours due to the heavy smoke.


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Personnel of State Civil Protection reported that 20 fires were registered in the State of Yucatán during the weekend.

These fires have destroyed more than 100 hectares (247 acres) of pasture. They warned that the fires will continue at least until May 3rd, when, according to weather forecasts, the first rain will fall.



On Sunday April 27th, at 9 pm, the Director of Civil Protection, Aaron Palomo Euán reported that the two strong fires were under control and no one resulted injured.

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