Published On: Mon, Mar 31st, 2014

Yucatán State Government opens new roads in benefit of agricultural communities

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On Sunday March 30, Governor of Yucatán, Rolando Zapata Bello had an intense working trip to municipalities such as Oxkutzcab, Cabache, Ticul and others to oversee the progress of the road construction plan that has benefited over 1,500 farmers in 12 municipalities with an investment of more than 120 million pesos.

Accompanied by the Mayors of Oxkutzcab Oscar Esteban Madrazo Gio, and Ticul, Orlando Medina Un, Zapata Bello stressed the importance of promoting the rural country not only to help producers, but to assure a future for Yucatecans, in order to make agriculture a source of income and welfare for their families.

“In the rural communities, we must believe that the men and women working in agricultural activities have the strength to make the land produce and the determination so that the fruits of their labor become the welfare of their families, and our commitment as a government is to keep doing our part to make this happen,” Zapata Bello declared.

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Governor Zapata Bello with local producer on recently finished rural road. (Photo by

In the citrus fields, the Governor listened and attended some of the farmers’ requests, including pumps and sprayers for pest control, as well as irrigation systems for crop improvement.

State Secretary of Rural Development, Felipe Cervera Hernández declared that approximately 17 km of roads have been constructed, with an investment of 14.5 million pesos for the benefit of more than 300 farmers.

On behalf of the beneficiaries of these works, Antonio Guerra acknowledged the work and commitment of the State Government to bring quality road infrastructure to the most distant places in the entity, as this provides better means of  transportation for the farmers to get their crops to the local markets.

“We have been waiting for these roads over 20 years and today our dream comes true. Before the constructions of these roads our product arrived in poor conditions to its destination and represented a loss for us, but now the transportation of our products to the markets is easier and faster and best of all, the merchandise arrives on time and in good conditions,” Antonio Guerra concluded.

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