Published On: Mon, Mar 3rd, 2014

Women murdered in Quintana Roo, a recurring situation

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With a gap of just a few hours, two women were found murdered in the State of Quintana Roo, on February 16th 2014, one in the Cancun Dowtown area and the other one in a karaoke bar in Cozumel.

In the first case a woman from the Southeastern state of Chiapas, Mexico was found stabbed in her apartment, near the Cancun Dowtown area.

According to the forensic report filed by the Ministry of Public Security, the morning of February 16, the lifeless body of Guilli Ester Morales, age 35, was found in a pool of blood, after being stabbed 11 times with a kitchen knife.

The victim was found by his boss, who will remain anonimous by order of the Muncipal Police.

The man stated that he recently hired Ester Morales as a cook in a “Taqueria” (Taco restaurant). He also said that the night before he dropped the woman at her apartment with a coworker named Alex Hernández, also recently hired to work there, and who is the main suspect, but so far remains at large.

The man identified as Ester’s employer said that in the morning of the following day, upon arrival to the apartment he realized that the door was unlocked and when he entered he saw the victim flat on the floor. Cancun Police agents are still investigating.


On December 2013, the corpse of Ana Marisol Góngora Aban, approximatelly 40 years old, was found near the Cancun Downtown area

Meanwhile, in Cozumel the lady manager of a Karaoke Bar was murdered early in the morning of Saturday February 15th, and it seems that the murderer used either a string or an electrical cord to choke her to death.

The owner of the bar, Benjamin Seoane Dávila, notified the authorities of the island of Cozumel the morning of the murder after he arrived to his business. The bar is located on calle Adolfo Rosado Salas y Rafael Melgar, when he arrived he found his employee Martha Maria Reyes Miranda, age 29, dead. The woman worked as the manager of the karaoke bar, and also as his personal secretary.

Martha Maria, was found seated on a chair with her head resting backwards; and the marks of the murder weapon could be seen at plain sight around her neck.

Investigations suggest that the motive of the crime is theft, since the woman was responsible to deliver the cash to her boss every morning.

These 2 crimes would be the first femicides of this year in the state of Quintana Roo. According to the local newspaper La Verdad de Quintana Roo, 13 crimes of the same type occurred during 2013 just in the city of Cancun.

On December 2013, the corpse of Ana Marisol Góngora Aban, approximatelly 40 years old, was  found naked in the middle of the street of a popular neighborhood near the Cancun Downtown area, with a fractured skull.

In the capital city of Chetumal, an individual that goes by the name of Jorge Rosales Piña was arrested on January 2014, accused of murdering 4 prostitutes.

The man declared that he murdered these women as a “vengeance”, since he claims to have been infected with the HIV virus by a prostitute in Chetumal, and so he sweared to kill as many of them as he could.






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