Published On: Wed, Mar 5th, 2014

What Lies Behind The Protest About Carnival?

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Mérida Yucatan.-

By José Antonio Jiménez Jayme.

“The whole point of this manifestation is to make the Major of Merida Renan Barrera Concha, look bad.”

A very close source to the radical line of the PRI, told this newspaper´s director in an interview yesterday night the following:

“Ricardo del Río aka “Taco de Ojo” the regional comedian who made ​​the “carnival protest” was told (ordered) that if him and some other regional comedians didn´t go on with the protest, they would be removed and vetoed from government television channel 13 and that they would be banned from all the government theaters throughout the state. The point of this manifestation was to make the Major of Merida Renan Barrera Concha, look bad.”

People from different municipalities of the State of Yucatán were brought to the capital city for this specific reason, and food and beverages were offered and provided to them.
Vehicle used to bring people from Cacalchen Yucatan

Vehicle used to bring people from Cacalchen Yucatan

The before written, comes as no surprise since there is an open and ongoing conflict between PAN and PRI since recently, attacks have come and gone from each other from all different subjects such as the possibility of shutting and re building of the known as “Paso deprimido” or the Mayor´s wife recent trip to Europe.

Comedian, Ricardo del Río “Taco de ojo” wrote a statement on his Facebook excusing his actions and saying that all the people that criticized him for the protest were PAN sympathizers and cowards.

“All of you people from the PAN attacking me, I want to remind you that even bad publicity is publicity, and for all of you that tell me why is that I didn´t protest against the different reforms and oil prices? I say to you… Grow a pair of balls and go out there and express yourselves like I did…”

Taco de Ojo statement

Taco de Ojo statement

On his facebook timeline different political comments where visible such as this one:


“Panucho” is a derogatory way used to call PAN sympathizers

In the end, we got to see that carnaval in X´matkuil had a good afluence of people, with good comments as well as some flaws, but after knowing that there was no real interest in rescue any traditions but to make current authorities look bad due to retaliation, and since it is a well know fact that “people hauling” is a very common practice amongst political parties in México and out of the close to 2,000 protesters many of them were transported and payed by this radical tribes of the PRI, only one question remains…   How real was anything regarding this so called “protest”?

José Antonio Jiménez Jayme.

TYT Collaborator.  Journalist member of the Society of Professional Journalists. Colaborates with diffrent news associations in Latinamerica and Europe.


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  1. This article is so opinionated and misleading. First of all, it look like a gossip, Mr. José Antonio Jiménez Jayme (the reporter), who by the way his name doesn’t popped out on any google search, and according to the article he is member of Society of Professional Journalist, and a TYT collaborator whose name has never been in bylines until now, said that “a very close source to the radical line of the PRI, told this newspaper´s director”, I understand about revealing sources, but who is the director?, I looked all over the site and I could not find who is the director, It sounds like a friend of a friend of mine told me that…
    Secondly, as proof of people been brought from other parts of Yucatan, the article shows ONE van, 11 people at the most, I am sorry but there were more people than that at the protest and I don’t see more vans or buses, this photo can´t be taken as evidence.
    Third, Mayor Renan Barrera was the star along with the former PAN senator Beatriz Zavala during the protests against the underpass when he was a local deputy. He made himself the people´s advocate making “look bad” the former mayor Angelica Araujo, this saga eventually gave him the chance to run for mayor. Now I´m not surprise that the carnival protest is been ruled as a political one, from one side or the other, but now he is in the other side.
    The article’s closing paragraph leads the reader to the author´s conclusion, If Mr. Jose Jimenez is a real journalist, he most know that the reader makes its own conclusion based on the information presented, if he wants to state his own conclusions, this article should be published as a column and not as a news report or a journalistic article.
    Personally I don’t care where the carnival is, some like it in paseo some don’t, but the fact that a lot of meridanos want it back can´t be denied.

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